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108: Isaac The Courageous108: Isaac The Courageous

108: Isaac The Courageous Quotes

The outbreak of civil war convulsed the entire nation.Nowhere were its effects felt stronger than in the borderstates. The states of Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri foundtheir inhabitants loyalties closely split over thesecessionist issue. Under such an explosive situation, menof great courage and foresight were needed to safeguard theliberties of these states and avert the prospect of massivebloodshed. Isaac R. Trimble represented such a man capableof accomplishing such a task.

108: Isaac The CourageousCourageous

Movie Courageous 2

Trimble had long been exposed to rigorous challenges.His loyalty rested with Maryland and its right to decide itsown destiny. 'Isaac Ridgeway Trimble, The Indefatigable andCourageous,' is a story about this man's quest to resistwhat he considered to be Federal tyranny and regain hisstate's sovereignty. No matter what the hardship or price,Trimble willingly sacrificed to see his dream materialize.With the Confederacy, Trimble placed his fortune and foughtto insure its survival. Even in defeat, Trimble remainedconvinced of Confederate virtue and Union despotism.Throughout the remainder of his life, Trimble continued tobe a diehard warrior espousing the justness of theConfederate cause.

Is the love match of Isaac born 23 December 1983 and Mary born 22 January 1990 compatible? Get the score with interpretation. Free compatibility report. To learn courage, you have to know fear. Isaac Stern, the great violinist, observing a nine-year-old playing the violin amazingly well, said, 'You can't really tell how an artist will be until the teen years, for that is when fear comes in. Then and only then can you see if the person has courage. You can't learn courage until you know fear.' 86: Isaac the Insecure 95: The Very Best of Friends 96: The Reluctant Rival 97: Monty's Christmas 98: The Visitors 99: The Barclay Family Ski Vacation 100: Ice Fishing 101: Scattered Seeds 103: Front Page News 108: Isaac the Courageous 104: Lincoln, Part 1 105: Lincoln.

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