• With his sludgy, Southern hip-hop beats and comical, cartoonish rhymes, 2 Chainz became one of the hottest independent rap stars and rightful successor to Georgia artists like Ying Yang Twins, B.o.B.
  • With his sludgy, Southern hip-hop beats and comical, cartoonish rhymes, 2 Chainz became one of the hottest independent rap stars and rightful successor to Georgia artists like.
Based On A T.R.U. Story's tracklist:
Yuck (Feat. Lil Wayne)
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Dope Peddler
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No Lie (Feat. Drake)
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Birthday Song (Feat. Kanye West)
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Im Diffrent
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Extremely Blessed (Feat. The-Dream)
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I Luve Dem Strippers (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
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Stop Me Now (Feat. Dolla Boy)
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Money Machine
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In Town (Feat. Mike Posner)
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Ghetto Dreams (Feat. Scarface And John Legend)
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Wut We Doin (Feat. Cap.1)
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Countdown (Feat. Chris Brown) (Bonus Track)
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Like Me (Bonus Track)
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I Feel Good (Bonus Track)
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Riot (Bonus Track)
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Based On A T.R.U. Story review

2 Chainz made a long way to his own solo career

Musical career of 2 Chainz began at the end of the last century, in College Park. Back then the young performer alongside with his childhood friend Dolla Boy organized a duo Playaz Circle. That band definitely became one of the most important steps in the artists’ development. Playaz Circle were writing their own original material and were mastering skills, gaining so important experience and making acquaintances with famous rappers. By 2002 the duo saved enough money to record and issue an independent album titled United We Stand, United We Fall. This one became a real breakthrough for the musicians. In fact, the famous rapper Ludacris highly appreciated the College Park duo’s creation and he immediately understood how powerful this formation can be. Indeed, Playaz Circle had a huge potential. That is how the friendship and a long-term cooperation between these artists started. However now we will not speak about Playaz Circle career, but about solo performing of its member, 2 Chainz. This ambitious singer decided to try his luck and strength as a solo artist. Well, 2 Chainz had a great experience by that time, which means that he had no troubles with creation of a new material. Also his numerous friends-musicians helped him to prepare a debut album. There is no doubt that the artist made a long way to Based on a T.R.U. Story, however it was all worth it. Meet fresh ideas and a great realization - 2 Chainz is ready to make his own name.

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Based on a T.R.U. Story will be a bright calling card of the artist

Fans of hip-hop have known 2 Chainz for a long time. However they know him as a member of a great band Playaz Circle only. It is time to get acquainted with the performer’s solo creation, and its importance can be hardly overrated. In fact, 2 Chainz understands it very well, that is why the long play appeared not so fast, because the crew has been working on it in an elaborated way, without haste. The record is opened by an epic track Yuck, featuring Lil Wayne, who really loves powerful bass lines. Well, the speakers are ready for the following performance, so let’s get to another song. Here comes a tasty song Crack, which sound is nothing but volumetric. Its arrangement cannot be called a revolutionary one, but actually it is a strong side. Thus, Crack is a great example of true hip-hop. The composition called No Lie was recorded with Drake, so connoisseurs of contemporary rap will not ignore that act. Moreover, the next song will be definitely found in a spotlight, because it was created alongside with Kanye West, who is an extremely notable personality in the world of modern music. But these are not all collaborations, presented on Based on a T.R.U. Story. For example, a little bit dark song Ghetto Dreams was written and recorded with Scarface and John Legend. The long story short – you will not be bored, as soon as the original material by 2 Chainz is good by itself, while famous names add some intrigue to it.

Confident start of a career

Based on a T.R.U. Story became the very first long play in 2 Chainz’ solo discography, but we should understand that this album is totally not the first one in the artist’s track record. In the line-up of Playaz Circle 2 Chainz and Dolla Boy (who was also one of the co-authors of Based on a T.R.U. Story) created two strong long plays. The rapper had ideas about trying his luck in a solo performing a long time ago, and finally by 2012 he realized them in a successful way. This way, lovers of hip-hop got thirteen amazing tracks in the best traditions of hip-hop, however 2 Chainz decided to share some more and presented bonus compositions. All in all the total length of Based on a T.R.U. Story made more than an hour, and it certainly impresses. And just imagine – it is just a debut! But it seems doubtful that some people were questioning 2 Chainz’ individual skills and talent. Nowadays, after the long-awaited release took its place, even the skeptics have to admit that Based on a T.R.U. Story has already become one of the main hip-hop discoveries of that summer.

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Birdman Songs Mixtape

Birdman, Gucci Mane Ft.Birdman, Young Thug Ft.Birdman, Birdman Ft.Ralo & Nino, 2 Chainz Ft.Yeezy,Yo Gotti & Birdman and more Big Tymers and Baby.

  • Birdman Get That Money
  • Birdman Balla Blockin
  • Birdman Dark Shades
  • Birdman I Run This
  • Birdman Pop Bottles
  • Birdman Money to Blow
  • Birdman Broke
  • Birdman Fire Flame
  • Birdman Cap Talk
  • Birdman MIA
  • Birdman Dreams
  • Birdman Always Strapped
  • Birdman Born Stunna
  • Birdman Loyalty
  • Birdman B-Boyz
  • Birdman Leather So Soft
  • Birdman Know What I’m Doin’
  • Birdman Ride
  • Birdman Just Another Gangsta
  • Birdman 100 Million
  • Birdman Breeze
  • Birdman Wise Words
  • Birdman What Happened to That Boy
  • Birdman Neck of the Woods
  • Birdman It’s Calm
  • Birdman Presidential
  • Birdman Stuntin’ Like My Daddy
  • Birdman Written on Her
  • Birdman You Ain’t Know
  • Birdman Respek
  • Birdman Y.U. MAD
  • Birdman 4 My Town

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