My website is showing default IIS 7/8 page. What should I do? Cause: Website is either stopped in IIS or it is not created on IIS or hostname is incorrect in website binding. Log into your server via remote desktop. Click on Start – Run – Type inetmgr – Press enter key.

1. HTML is what type of language ?
A. Scripting Language
B. Markup Language
C. Programming Language
D. Network Protocol
Correct Answer – B

  • . the OSGuess class for retrieving info about the OS where PHP is running on. the System class for quick handling of common operations with files and directories. the PEAR base class Features in a nutshell:. full support for channels. pre-download dependency validation. new package.xml 2.0 format allows tremendous flexibility while.
  • 3909 Open Undefined constant OSWINDOWS. 4016 Open owner, permissions and file date after addString. ArchiveZip 1899 Open Adding an existing file to an archive duplicates the file instead of updating i. 1911 Open No release.

2. The year in which HTML was first proposed _______.
A. 1990
B. 1980
C. 2000
D. 1995
Correct Answer – A

3. What is the full form of HTML?
A. HyperText Markup Language
B. Hyper Teach Markup Language
C. Hyper Tech Markup Language
D. None of these
Correct Answer – A

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4. HTML web pages can be read and rendered by _________.
A. Compiler
B. Server
C. Web Browser
D. Interpreter
Correct Answer – C

5. What should be the first tag in any HTML document?
A. <head>
B. <title>
C. <html>
D. <document>
Correct Answer – C

6. HTML is used to
A. Solve equations
B. Translate one language into another
C. Plot complicated graphs
D. Author webpages
Correct Answer – D

7. The “http” you type at the beginning of any site’s address stands for
A. HTML Transfer Technology Process
B. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
C. Hyperspace Terms and Technology Protocol
D. Hyperspace Techniques and Technology Progress
Correct Answer – B

8. A computer on the Internet that hosts data, that can be accessed by web browsers using HTTP is known as:
A. Web Space
B. Web Server
C. Web Rack
D. Web Computer
Correct Answer – B

9. The first page that you normally view at a Website is its:
A. Home page
B. Master page
C. First page
D. None of the above
Correct Answer – A

10. A web page displays a picture.What tag was used to display that picture
A. picture
B. image
C. img
D. src
Correct Answer – C

11. <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold. What is other tag to make text bold?
A. <strong>
B. <dar>
C. <black>
D. <emp>
Correct Answer – A

12. Tags and text that are not directly displayed on the page are written in _____ section.
A. <html>
B. <head>
D. <body>
Correct Answer – B

13. How can you make a bulleted list?
A. <list>
b. <nl>
C. <ul>
D. <ol>
Correct Answer – C

14. How can you make a numbered list?
A. <dl>
B. <ol>
C. <list>
D. <ul>
Correct Answer – B

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15. Which tag allows you to add a row in a table?
A. <td> and </td>
B. <cr> and </cr>
C. <th> and </th>
D. <tr> and </tr>
Correct Answer – D

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