Hello, so apparently I am on my last authorization for my mpc studio. I've deleted it once, installed it back once 1.3 was released and after that I mentioned to the akai support team that I wanted to sell it and they told me via email that I was on my last 1 and only 1 new person will get 3 new authorizations in a transfer. I couldn't sell it locally and decided to keep it. It is a pretty cool piece of gear no doubt but I'm thinking of upgrading my computer soon so now I wonder, What does happen after you run out of authorizations? Would akai really cut you right off after paying 650.00 for a studio or 1400.00 for a ren or would they give you as many as you need? has anyone got to that point yet?
It would sure suck to buy a ren and have it be useless 4-5 years down the road. At least with a hardware mpc, you can make beats on it as long as you want! They will eventually make another new mpc probably sooner then later. It will be interesting to see if Akai will give more authorizations for the older hybrid hardware or if they just say 'too bad, buy the new one'.

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Anyways I'm not trying to hate, I just want answers from the from people on here and how they feel about this. Thanks!
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