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In fact, if you are ready for more Slig, Slog, Scrab and Paramite encounters, then Alf’s Escape is most definitely for you. Just prepare yourself for a tough, but highly enjoyable romp back through. Alf Escapes for Nintendo NES. All prices include FREE worldwide shipping! Alf's Escape is the first Downloadable Content in the Oddworld franchise. The presence of Alf's Bar foreshadows Alf's future addiction to SoulStorm Brew, which would inevitably influence him to establish Alf's Rehab & Tea for those suffering brew sickness and addiction. Download now at pacnsacdave.weebly.com. Anyways, while living with the Tanners, Alf is captured by the A.T.F. (Alien Task Force). While there, Alf discovers that his ship has been repaired. Seeing this may be his only chance to escape, Alf begins to cooperate with the A.T.F. After working with the A.T.F. For some time, they began to trust ALF.

Alf Escapes!© Provided by Are Media Pty Ltd Home And Away fans are losing over a shock new photo of actor Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart on the show. And there's one detail in particular they can't get over.

For over 30 years years, actor Ray Meagher has brought to life one of Summer Bay's most iconic characters in Alf Stewart.

Home And Away's straight-shooting, loveable larrikin has become engrained in our nation's folklore so much so, that fans often forget the man playing Alf is his own seperate person.

Over the weekend, the show's head make-up artist Laura Vazquez , who also played Sarah Thompson for several years in the nineties and again in 2005, posted a behind-the-scenes snap with Ray in the studio, and fans couldn't quite believe how different the 76-year-old looked in his off-duty clothes.

'Twinning with the one and only Ray. Saturday morning made with the legend himself ❤️ Been working with the nicest man in Television since I was 17 🤗 #SarahandAlfReunited,' Laura captioned the sweet snap, which shows Ray in a head-to-toe black ensemble, complete with black shorts, a black cap and black trainers.

Indeed, the casual look is a far cry from Afl's staple wardrobe of wide-brimmed hats, beige slacks and chequered shirts.

Cue the mass hysteria from shocked fans! And there was one precise detail they couldn't get over - seeing Ray in shorts.

© Provided by Are Media Pty Ltd Ray Meagher's off-duty look has caused quite the stir among Home And Away fans.

One shocked user said: 'I have never seen him in anything other than long pants!!!'

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'Showing off his legs instantly makes him look 10 years younger haha,' another quipped.

'Ray had great legs!👍,' a third raved.

'Almost didn't recognise him,' a fourth said.

'Never seen him in dark clothes before,' a final agreed.

© Provided by Are Media Pty Ltd Alf Stewart's usual attire is a wide-brimmed hat, chequered shirt and beige slacks.

Opening up about his long-running stint on the show, Ray recently old TV WEEK he believes he stumbled onto greatness not by skill, but by chance.

'My longevity in the show has been a hell of a lot more luck than good management,' he explained.

'It's been a terrific run. People ask me when I'm leaving, or if I've ever wanted to leave, and there have probably been four or five movies I've been offered to do that I couldn't because of the show.'

Alf Escapes Nes

'However, without Home And Away, I wouldn't have been able to do stage shows in the West End. The net gain is far wider with it.'

Ray prefers not to weigh in on his legacy. Instead, he humbly picks up the script and gets to work on creating something that will last.

Alf Escapes Nes

'I just turn up for work each day and try to stay true to the character,' he said of his popularity.

Alf Escapes Nes Game

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