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Welcome to American Equestrian Alliance! (AEA) is a national not for profit association of horse owners, stables, farms & ranches and Equestrian businesses. As a member of AEA you are entitled to valuable benefits and services.

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Amec Flying Expectationsamerican Meadow's Equestrian Center Seating Chart

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The American Equestrian Alliance is a national, not-for-profit association of horsemen and women, professional trainers, riding stables, arenas, ranchers and equestrian related businesses.

(AEA) was established in 1989 to promote equestrian activities, support equine legislation, distribute educational literature and operate as an insurance safety group for it’s active members.

American Equestrian Alliance sponsored insurance programs have consistently offered the highest quality coverage at an affordable rates due to our history or safety and profitability with our insurance companies.

The (AEA) membership portal. Eligible for special events, special event liability, horse mortality, farm/ranch and automobile insurance discounts. Participation in American Equestrian Alliance discount purchasing plans offering equine products and services at discount and wholesale prices.

The most current and state of the art Entertainment and Equestrian contracts, waivers, releases, legal forms, risk management programs are included in member benefits.

When you are insured with AEA Property & Casualty Equine Insurance programs you will be able to take advantage of features and benefits not found anywhere else.

Our programs have succeeded where so many others have failed, because our programs represent reasonable and safe industry standards. As a member of the American Equestrian Alliance you agree to adhere to common sanctioning guidelines and used approved releases and waivers. Your reward is stable, affordable insurance programs underwritten by the leading equine insurance providers in the United States of America.

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Research & Statistics

Here you will find national and state based research on the needs, concerns and interests of horsemen and equine related businesses.

Legal & Legislative

AEA Members receive timely updates keeping them informed of current industry news and legislation affecting them.


The American Equestrian Alliance represents it’s members and their interests at county, state and national governmental levels. We continually monitor the legal climate and state equine statues for our membership.

It may not be possible for stables to completely eliminate the potential for an insurance claim or lawsuit but they can reduce the likelihood of litigation by positioning themselves to put forth a strong defense if one does occur.

This is the foundation for the AEA Equine Liability Loss Prevention Program; a broad-based, flexible risk management system offering access to state-of-the-art contracts, liability releases, waivers, operating procedures and legal experts.

The legistlators of the State of Michigan declare October 18, 2018 as American Middle East Christian Day

On October 4th 2018, the legistlators of the State of Michigan declare October 18 as American Middle East Christian Day.
Reps. Jim Runestad is picture here along with Dr. Ramsay Dass, Rev. Amir Barkho, and David Enwyia.

The resolution was prepared in coordination with the American Middle East Christian Congress which will host an event on Oct. 18, 2018, to bring together church leaders of communities in Michigan including Arab Christians, Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Coptics, Maronites, Phoenicians and Syriacs.

Amec Flying Expectationsamerican Meadow's Equestrian Center San Diego

“There are more than six million Middle East Christians across the United States with half of a million living here in Michigan,” Rep. Runestad said. “It is an honor for Michigan to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of American Middle East Christians and remember the challenges they have faced globally.”

Dr. Ramsay Dass, president of the American Middle East Christian Congress, was present for the passage of the resolution on the floor of the House of Representatives Thursday.

“On Sept. 11, 2001, the American Middle East Christians Congress was created at the request of many church and community leaders with the goal of protecting and educating community members and promoting and understanding of our origin, culture, and societal and economic impact in the United States,” Dass said.

The commemoration of this day on October 18 will be coordinated by the American Middle East Christian Congress.

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