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What matters most! BEDROOM 17’ 6” x 13’ 6” BATHROOM 5’ x 6’ 6” LIVING ROOM 20’ x 13‘ 6” CLOSET #2 CLOSET #1 UNIT 54 W/D KITCHEN ENTRY 7’ 6” x 4’ 1 Bedroom. Apartments for rent. Search for apartments by city, neighborhood and number of bedrooms. Find an apartment that fits. We have more than more than 160,000 apartments available nationwide. The apartments will be provided with amenities that would be in line with a lower grade class A apartment building. All units will feature 9’ ceiling heights with an open floor plan having the kitchen area overlooking into the living area. Based on the wants and needs of today’s renters, they prefer this type of living. Apartment Management System. The requirements of the AMS require a tool be built for a local building management company wishing to automate many of the interactions between tenant, landlord and apartment management staff. In addition to just handling rent money exchange, the system needs to keep track of the entire services apartment. Apartment developments of five or more storeys in a residential zone will be assessed against selected Clause 55 standards as well as the Better Apartments Design Standards to ensure that development reflects the existing or preferred urban context. All apartment developments in other zones will also be assessed in this manner.


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