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1. An account of a person's life written, composed, or produced by another: a film biography of Adlai Stevenson; an oral biography.
2. Biographies considered as a group, especially when regarded as a genre.
3. The writing, composition, or production of biographies: a career entirely devoted to biography.
[Late Greek biographiā : Greek bio-, bio- + Greek -graphiā, -graphy.]
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(baɪˈɒɡrəfɪ) n, pl-phiesBiography
1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) an account of a person's life by another
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) such accounts collectively
biographical, ˌbioˈgraphicadj
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(baɪˈɒg rə fi, bi-)
n., pl. -phies.
2. an account of the history of an organization, society, etc.
4. the writing of biography as an occupation.
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The story of a person’s life, recounted by someone else.
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Noun1.biography - an account of the series of events making up a person's life
life history, life story, life
account, chronicle, history, story - a record or narrative description of past events; 'a history of France'; 'he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president'; 'the story of exposure to lead'
hagiography - a biography that idealizes or idolizes the person (especially a person who is a saint)
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nounlife story, life, record, account, profile, memoir, CV, life history, curriculum vitaean unauthorised biography
'Biography is all about cutting people down to size. Getting an unruly quart into a pint pot' [Alan Bennett]
'Biography is: a system in which the contradictions of a human life are unified' [José Ortega y Gasset The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays]
'Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory' [Benjamin Disraeli Contarini Fleming]
'Discretion is not the better part of biography' [Lytton Strachey]
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(baiˈogrəfi) plural biˈographies noun
a written account by someone of another person's life. a biography of Nelson. biografie سيرَه، تَرْجَمَة حَياة биография biografia životopis die Biographie biografi; levnedsskildring βιογραφίαbiografía elulugu زندگی نامه؛ شرح حال elämäkerta biographieביוגרפיה जीवनी, जीवन-चरित्र biografija életrajz biografi ævisaga biografia 伝記 전기 biografija biogrāfija biografi biografiebiografi; livsløpbiografiabiografia biografie биография životopis biografija biografija biografi อัตชีวประวัติ biyografi, yaşam öyküsü 傳記 біографія سوانح عمری ، داستان حیات tiểu sử 传记
biˈographer noun
biograaf كاتِب سيرَه، مُتَرجِم حَياة биограф biógrafo životopisec der/die Biograph(in) biograf βιογράφοςbiógrafo biograaf زندگینامه نویس elämäkerran kirjoittaja biographe בִּיוֹגרַף जीवनी लेखक biograf életrajzíró penulis biografi ævisöguritari biografo 伝書作者 전기 작가 biografas biogrāfs penulis biografi biograafbiograf biograf biógrafo biograf биограф životopisec biograf biograf biograf, levnadstecknare ผู้เขียนชีวประวัติของผู้อื่น biyografi yazarı 傳記作者 біограф سوانح عمری تحریر کرنے والا người viết tiểu sử 传记作者
ˌbioˈgraphic(al) (-ˈgrӕ-) adjective
biografiese خاصٌّ بِتَرْجَمَة حَياة биографичен biográfico životopisný biographisch biografisk βιογραφικόςbiográfico elulooline مربوط به شرح زندگی elämäkerrallinen biographique בִּיוֹגרַפִי जीवन-चरित्र संबंधी biografski életrajzi biografis ævisögulegur biografico 伝記の 전기의 biografinis biogrāfisks biografi biografischbiografiskbiograficznybiográfico biografic биографический životopisný biografski biografski เกี่ยวกับชีวประวัติ biyografik, özgeçmişsel 傳記的 біографічний سوانح عمری کے لحاظ سے (thuộc) tiểu sử 传记的
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سِيرَة životopis biografiBiografieβιογραφίαbiografía elämäkertabiographie biografijabiografia 伝記 전기biografiebiografibiografiabiografiaбиография biografi อัตชีวประวัติyaşam öyküsü tiểu sử传记

Biography Examples For Students

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