Find behavioral aids and training supplies for your dog's excessive barking, chewing or running off. Collars, calming aids, and house training supplies.Notice: Some Ground Orders May Be Delayed. Current Phone Hours 8 AM - 4:30 PM Mon-Fri; 8 AM - 4 PM Sat. This course is designed for church security teams who want to use the less lethal approach of a Taser. Successful completion of this course will certify students for the operation of either the Taser X-26 or C2 Security Taser.

Cognitive Command (C2) is a revolutionary approach to mental mindset training. Targeting the subconscious brain, the training works by enhancing perceptual awareness while building a structured mental framework to better process sensory information. Perception and processing wired together at the subconscious level, automatically guide behavior towards safe and appropriate outcomes.

“With its focus on officer safety and professionalism, C2 Training is the future of law enforcement. C2 allows us to take principles we consider to be important and train automaticity of action around them. We are building tactical brains. There is no other program like it.”

C2 christmasdialectical behavioral training techniques

Robert Stonis, Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriff’s Academy Associate Director, Penn State Justice and Safety Institute

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C2 christmasdialectical behavioral training reliaslearning

C2 Christmasdialectical Behavioral Training Certification

C2 christmasdialectical behavioral training techniquesC2 christmasdialectical behavioral training techniques

Cognitive Command Group, LLC
3510 N. Ridge Road, Suite
300 Wichita, KS 67205

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C2 Christmasdialectical Behavioral Training Techniques


C2 Christmasdialectical Behavioral Training Relias

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