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Part 1: Basic Concepts
1Key Features of Quantum Mechanics: Linearity of the Equations of Motion, Complex Numbers are Essential, Loss of Determinism, Quantum Superpositions, Entanglement (PDF)
2Experiments with Photons: Mach-Zehder Interferometer, Elitzur-Vaidman Bombs (PDF)
3Particle Nature of Light and Wave Nature of Matter: Photoelectric Effect, Compton Scattering, Matter Waves (PDF)
4de Broglie Wavelength and Galilean Transformations, Phase and Group Velocities, Choosing the Wavefunction for a Free Particle (PDF)
5Equations for a Wavefunction, Schrödinger Equation for Particle in a Potential, Interpreting the Wavefunction (PDF)
6Normalization and Time Evolution, The Wavefunction as a Probability Amplitude, The Probability Current, Probability Current in 3D and Current Conservation (PDF)
7Wavepackets and Uncertainty, Wavepacket Shape Changes, Time Evolution of a Free Wave Packet (PDF)
8Uncovering Momentum Space, Expectation Values of Operators, Time Dependence of Expectation Values (PDF)
9Observables and Hermitian Operators, Uncertainty (PDF)
Part 2: Quantum Physics in One-dimensional Potentials
10Solving the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation: Stationary States, Solving for Energy Eigenstates, Free Particle on a Circle (PDF)
11The Infinite Square Well, The Finite Square Well (PDF)
12General Properties, Bound States in Slowly Varying Potentials, Sketching Wavefunction Behavior in Different Regions, Shooting Method (PDF - 1.4MB)
13Delta Function Potential, The Node Theorem, Simple Harmonic Oscillator (PDF - 1.3MB)
14 & 15Algebraic Approach to the Simple Harmonic Oscillator: Algebraic Solution of the Oscillator, Operator Manipulation and the Spectrum (PDF)
16Scattering States and the Step Potential: The Step Potential, Step Potential with E > V0, Step Potential with E < V0, Wavepackets in the Step Potential (PDF)
17Resonant Transmission in a Square Well, The Ramsauer–Townsend Effect (PDF)
18Scattering in One Dimension: Time Delay, An Example (PDF)
Part 3: One-dimensional Scattering, Angular Momentum, and Central Potentials
19Levinson’s Theorem, Resonances, Modeling the Resonance (PDF - 1.1MB)
20 & 21Quantum Mechanics in 3D and Central Potentials: Schrödinger Equation in 3D and Angular Momentum, The Angular Momentum Operator, Eigenstates of Angular Momentum, The Radial Wave Equation (PDF)
21 & 22Hydrogen Atom, Hydrogen Atom Spectrum (PDF)
Chapter 12quantum Mechanicsmr.Chapter 12quantum Mechanicsmr.


Table of Contents (TOC)

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Mr.Panchbhaya's Learning Website: Chapter 1 - Motion in a Straight Line. Phys1111.pdf: File Size: 884 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Phys1112.pdf: File Size. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Chapter 1: Key Features of Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is now almost one-hundred years old, but we are still discovering some of its surprising features and it remains the subject of much investigation and speculation. The framework of quantum mechanics is a rich and elegant extension of the framework of classical physics.

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  1. Each chapter was covered in a lecture of 2 45 minutes, with an additional 45-minute lecture for exercises and homework. The rst half of the course (Chapters 17) covers quantum algorithms, the second half covers quantum complexity (Chapters 89), stu involving Alice and Bob (Chapters 1013), and error-correction (Chapter 14).
  2. Mr.Panchbhaya's Learning Website: Chapter 12 - Quantum Mechanics. Phys12c12121.pdf: File Size: 242 kb: File Type: pdf. Chapter Info Standard Model of Physics. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.


TOC Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Matter and Electricity
Graphic Index for Chapters 1-6
Chapter 2 Ohms Law
Chapter 3 Series Circuits
Chapter 4 Parallel Circuits
Chapter 5 Series-Parallel
Chapter 6A AC circuits and Filters
Chapter 6B Advanced Passive Filters
Chapter 7 Transistors and Diodes
Chapter 8 Digital Electronics
Graphic Index for Chapters 8,14 and15
Chapter 9 Amplifiers
Chapter 10 Radio Basics
Chapter 11 Active Filters
Chapter 12 Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 13 Particle Physics and Beams
Chapter 14 Basic Computer
Chapter 15 Computer Interfacing
Chapter 16 Semiconductor Manufacturing
Chapter 17 Stepper Motors and Robotics
Chapter 18 Regulated Power Supplies

Chapter 12quantum Mechanicsmr.

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Chapter 12quantum Mechanicsmr.

NOTICE: IN 2015 this site will get a complete makeover. You will have to go to science-ebooks.com directly in order to see new directory.

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