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An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels
By Doreen Virtue

I have been working with the angels for almost eight years now, and in fact, it was the Doreen Virtue book “Divine Guidance” that got me interested in working with the angels in the first place. Since then I have been a faithful fan, and have read almost every book that she has come out with. I even got to meet her at the Learning Light Center in Anaheim California back in 2001, and yes, she is just as nice in person as you’d think!
Angels 101, An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels, is an introductory book on working with the angels. In appearance this book is absolutely lovely. It’s smaller in size, and 122 pages in length (of course, a very angelic number). There are 10 chapters, and at the start of each chapter is a beautiful picture of an angel. The chapters themselves are each a different color of paper, and the paper is very thick and glossy.
The contents are as follows:
Introduction: Who are the angels?
Chapter 1: The Angelic Realm
Chapter 2: Connecting with your angels
Chapter 3: Signs from the angels
Chapter 4: Angelic protection
Chapter 5: Angels help us find what we’re looking for
Chapter 6: Angelic help with relationships
Chapter 7: Angelic help for your career and life purpose
Chapter 8: Healing with the angels
Chapter 9: Angels on earth
Chapter 10: Frequently asked questions about angels
In each chapter Doreen gives real life examples of encounters with the angels and then follows up with simple exercises on connecting with the angels. Her writing style is positive and flowing and very easy to read (I read this whole book on one afternoon!).
I also really like that Doreen doesn’t profess that you have to have been born as a clairvoyant to communicate with the angels, and clearly she believes that any of us, even the most psychically challenged, can communicate and connect with the angels. If you have ever been interested in working with the angels, but didn’t feel “psychic” enough or “special” enough, you will feel more confident in your abilities (or lack thereof) after reading this book.
I also recommend this book for more seasoned angel workers as it offers inspiration if we’ve been letting our spiritual side stagnate a bit. It may not offer any new information, but it does serve as a reminder that the Heavenly hosts are there for us and we should be connecting to them.
It would also serve as a great starter book for the teen in your life who may be interested in connecting with their angels.
For anyone who has ever been interested in working with the Angelic Realm, I would highly recommend “Angels 101.” It’s beautiful, fun and informative, and will make anyone feel more connected to their angels!

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