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The “Ho” of Hodori comes from the Korean word meaning tiger, while “Dori” is a common masculine diminutive. The name was chosen from 2,295 competition entries submitted by the general public.


The tiger appears frequently in Korean popular art and legends. With a positive image, it is often associated with humour, bravery and nobility. Hodori wears the Olympic rings around his neck. On his head is a typical traditional Korean hat, the sangmo. The ribbon on the hat is in the shape of an S for Seoul, and appears in various forms.


Kim Hyun

Did you know?

The Organising Committee set up a contest to select the mascot which generated 4'344 entries. Four candidates were selected – a rabbit, a squirrel, a pair of mandarin ducks and a tiger. Finally the tiger was chosen.Kim Hyun, Hodori's creator, was also behind the emblem for the Asian Games in 1986.Although less well known, there is a female version of the mascot named Hosuni. “Suni” is the Korean for “girl”.The cartoon book “Come along Hodori” about the mascot won the top prize in the children‟s category of a Korean cartoon awards contest in 1988.

Find out more about the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games on olympic.org

Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN

Commemoration pagewarrior cats the game free play
  • PONOS will bring the physical release of this tower defense game for the Nintendo Switch.
  • It’s coming on July 16th in Japan.
  • No need to worry, folks as Playasia ships worldwide. So, what are you waiting for?

Prepare for war as the game company PONOS will bring the Switch version of the mobile game, The Battle Cats, in Together! The Battle Cats in Japan. It was revealed in the January issue of Monthly CoroCoro Comic.

So, when is the release date? Mark your calendars folks as Together! The Battle Cats for the Nintendo Switch is coming on July 16th. Plus, the physical edition will include some goodies!

Check out the inclusion below.

Box contents

  • Switch Game: Together! The Battle Cats
  • Original Switch Pouch
  • Launch Commemoration Character Set: Cat Bros. and Cat Pico Hammer
  • Battle Support and Super Value Set: 10,000 Cat Food and 5 Super Rare Characters

Commemoration Pagewarrior Cats The Game Free Play

Game Overview

This tower defense game was launched on the iOS and Android under the Japanese name Nyanko Daisensou. After gaining massive success in Japan and Korea, this game also dominates in the Western market. The game went to Nintendo 3DS in June 2016 and followed by the digital release for the Nintendo Switch in December 2018. Now, for the physical collectors out there, it’s time to experience this tower defense game soon!

Are you curious about this game? Check the info below via Gematsu.

The popular Battle Cats series is back and updated for Nintendo Switch! With its easy-to-use battle system, it is recommended for men and women of all ages. Additionally, if you play with two players, you can enjoy the game with twice the meow! Play with your kid, a friend, a significant other, or even a stranger! So round up your creepy-cute cat army… and head into battle!

Source: Gematsu

Warrior Cats The Game Scratch


Together! The Battle Cats‘ physical release is coming to Japan in July for the Nintendo Switch. Here at Playasia, this game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!


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