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Utility Products' concrete insert offers superior pullout strength even under great impact and eliminates the questionable practice of typing conventional inserts into bridge decks rebars. Two high-tempered fiberglass cross rods are furnished, and should be laid into place as shown forming the iron cross. With the cone shape of the insert body and two reinforcing bars, pullout is virtually impossible. Cast in Type 316 stainless steel or ductile iron for hanger rod sizes of 3/4' through 1-1/2' diameter. Maximum recommended load is based on hanger rod rating. A disco of polypropylene is factory sealed atop the threaded hole to keep threads clear.

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Very heavy duty model utilizes an arbor press design to generate tremendous force capable of punching.080 aluminum. Steel table, hardwood base. Dies not interchangeable with model 20 or 50. Comes with one die of your choice. Sizes available: 1/2' 3/4' 1' 1.5'.

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