A Pinpoint Analysis of Minecraft

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For all those players who love to build their city and empire, here is a game for you. Minecraft is designed to deliver wonderful gameplay, which features several playable contents.

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It is best suitable for users who love tower defense games and those who want to build and rule their empire.

Get started with designing your gigantic livelihood and defend it with weapons and armor. Isn’t it exciting already?

With some of the special block-style graphics throughout the gameplay, you will get a realistic feeling of building and ruling your kingdom.

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Even the soundtracks are so soothing that you are going to listen to them and be indulged in playing the game even more.

A medium configuration mobile device is the least that could run this amazing game. Although it is not at all recommended to run it on a low-end device.

Many users might face overheating issues. In such a case, try to take breaks in between the gameplay. If the problem is more severe, make sure to avoid playing on that device permanently.

Unique Gameplay with GOD-like feeling

If you get a chance to design and build a town on your terms, you will feel like GOD. Additionally, if you get to manage it to a completely new level, what could be better than that?

When playing Minecraft, you get started with a piece of land. Start mining for resources. Use those resources to build your city.

You get to build simple homes for enormous castles. It is all up to you. Define the town’s borders, hire goons who will protect your city day and night.

Dig even more and discover armor and weapons. Use them to defend your town and take down any infiltration.

Watch people moving into your city for a living. As your town gains some population, you get to decide their fate.

Users can always give them a happy life or show them hell on Earth. With each and everything in your control, lastly, you will feel like GOD.

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The gameplay does not end here. There is a lot more. Go into survival mode to defend your creation, craft weapons, and take on dangerous mobs.

As the mobs get jealous of your progress, they will try their best to ruin everything. Stop them before it is too late.

Block-style visuals and High-Quality 3D Graphics

The front end is a very important part of every game. If you are worried about being stuck with ugly graphics in Minecraft, think again.

You might like or dislike the visuals of this game based on your taste and preferences. The entire appearance throughout the gameplay is totally block-style.

This means that everything appears to be made of blocks. The game needs to feature such graphics, as it helps players in managing their creation and building.

Everything that you can see on-screen is all blocks, which also include trees, grass, etc. Even the sun is not round and rectangular instead.


However, the game does not at all lack of graphics quality. You can be assured that the entire visual is delivered in high-resolution. This ensures that you do not have to worry about your eyes getting hurt anytime soon.

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When it comes to colors, the bright colors along with cool color tone at some screens make an awesome combination. The appearance is mostly glary. You might have to take a break from constantly looking at the screen if you have issues with bright colors.

Many users might also be able to notice minor detailing, which is featured on almost every object. For example, the floor, tiles, etc. show off high detailing.

Some objects resemble real-life versions of themselves. The wood has a realistic texture. However, mostly you might find the visuals funny instead.

Handpicked Soundtracks and Smooth Animations

Do not worry about poor music and soundtrack selection. You can always listen to mesmerizing music throughout the gameplay and never get bored of it.

Some users might not be comfortable with the music. It is totally based on their priority. Overall, each soundtrack can be said to be handpicked.

If the animations are rough, there is no fun in the game. Worry not, because the animations are rather smooth. However, there are chances that some users might encounter glitches.

For example, overlapping of objects on one another, or humans ramming into other stuff are all technical glitches.

Additional Extended Features

There is always a possibility that even a perfect game fails to impress some users. Some in the case of Minecraft, here is a list of something more that you can do:

  • Take on players from around the world in multi-player online server mode.
  • Guard and protect your city from mobs in survival mode.
  • Get unlimited resources so that you can build whatever you want and as much as you want in creative mode.

  • Expand your game by going through the latest creations by the community. Get unique skins, maps, and texture packs from your favorite creators.
  • Slash commands: Summon mobs, change the time of the day and do much more.
  • If you are tech-inclined, then you can modify the data-driven behavior in the game to create new resource packs.
  • Get the game for the best price @ $6.99 only.
  • Free 30-day trial to play with up to 10 players online in your private server that is hosted by the creators.


Minecraft is a purchasable game, available on Google Play Store. Imagine how amazing this game would be since it is available on multiple platforms. Get started with it now and feel like GOD.

Take control of each and everything happening in your town. Build your city as per your plans and shape it as per your dreams. Thrive to defend and guard it with incoming mob attacks. With such fun and exciting gameplay, you’re sure to be engaged in it and would never want to quit it anytime soon!

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Official Minecraft 1.6.2

This update fixes a lot of bugs and issues! Notable:

* Fixed horses getting hurt by walls

* Fixed animals escaping their pens

* Improved sprinting behavior

* Ctrl + left-click on Mac now acts as right-click


MacMake sure you read the Read Me file first!

1. Download and install Minecraft.

2. Run the shortcut from the desktop or start menu.

3. Pick a username.(this is very important for multiplayer)

4. Enjoy the game in single player or multiplayer.(server list provided)

If you are having any problems running this game, please install the latest 64bit java located at: http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=69476

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