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Donate hecking gui minecraftHedda] (Not needed unless you wantsomething specific) and you will get Extrafeaturesthat will never expire! You will have them as longas Fake exists! And you also get the right to upload imagesdirectly to wiki-pages (not via your house), if you don't have it.

Donations will keep Fake running and pay for its Internetconnection. Fakeis not a non-profit site, so extra money will be used for justcases like more massage to [Virgin Slut].

It's generally easy to donate with Paypal even if you have never usedPaypal before. There are also some help on How To Donate withPayPal.


The site doesn't guarantee that you get anything for your money. Seethis mainly as tip. But we'll do our best to make sure that Fake willbe up and running as long as you want and it has been up since2005-10-10.

Donations don't protect you from being banned! Donors might be givenan extra chance, but people who are here to destroy, aren't welcomeregardless if they donate or not.

If you're a donor (a least 12 USD!), you can use these extra tags inyour description in your house:

You will also be invited to the donor-forum, where there might be abonus now and then... And you get to meet other donors, and they aremuch sexier than the other rabble!

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