Download.NET Core SDK x64. Download.NET Core Runtime. All.NET Core downloads.NET Framework 4.8.NET Framework is a Windows-only version of.NET for building any. Cydia Download iOS 13.6 With CydiaPro. As iOS 13.6 is the latest released update to the iOS 13 series, many jailbreak community members are now looking for Jailbreak iOS 13.6 opportunities to download Cydia iOS 13.6.But unfortunately, there is one publicly released jailbreak app for iOS 13.6 and it only has a limited compatibility.

Cydia installer is developed by Jay Freeman AKA @saurik. You have to jailbreak your device in order to Install or get the Cydia installer for your Apple iDevice. Past days, we knew that Installing and Downloading Cydia is device independent and not OS independent ( Installation process Depends on your iOS version but not with the device model). We have introduced you a special method to download Cydia on your device which works with any iOS version.

Download & Install Cydia Download Ios

This is the best chance for the members of the jailbreak community. This because users couldn't get any working Jailbreak for iOS 10 version. No more worries with our Pangu Cydia app specially developed for the users who love to have Cydia download. Just read the guide before installing and begin to download the app. Also, bear in your mind that this is the only tool that possible to jailbreak iOS 11and iOS 10.3.3.

Note: Visit this page from the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to install the Cydia installer. Other browsers do not allow you to complete the jailbreaking progress.

Download Cydia [Compatible with iOS 10.x.x & 11 beta]

  • Visit from the default web browser ( Safari browser ) on your iOS device and navigate to 'Cydia Download' page
  • Tap on blue colored 'Download' button to get the app
  • It will take few seconds to discover your iOS version and the device
  • If you're eligible to download Cydia, you will see a button titled 'Install'
  • Tap on 'Install' button to continue
  • Enter your passcode and complete the downloading process
  • The latest Cydia download has already installed on your device

Cydia Premium Membership Area

If you are new to the jailbreak community and need Extra personal support with Latest iOS 10.X.X support, we Pangu 9 strongly suggest you Subscribe to the You will get following things with our one-time Subscription.

  • lifetime support
  • Direct Download links and Paid apps/ Tools
  • Daily updating Members are and discussion
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • 100 % Safe for your device with Anti-Scam and Beginners friendly
  • Compatible with Latest Apple device and iOS 9.X.X
  • If you didn't receive your subscription details, drop us an email with your PayPal Transaction ID. sales(at) [ replace '(at)' with '@' /email is only for acquiring subscription details errors ]
  • If you are a Dev or jailbreak expert you can go through with our regular jailbreak page here!
  • Check and Get Instant Cydia for more detailed info about the service.

Cydia Installer For iOS 11 and iOS 10.x.x

As we noticed above, Team Pangu, TaiG, PP, evasi0n or any other developers have not released a tool for iOS 11 jailbreak. This is the first and only solution to download iOS 11 Cydia right now. Follow our guide and make it possible download tons of apps, games. tweaks and themes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

iPhone 4 is one of the best iPhone versions in the iPhone family because of its functionality and affordable price. Therefore, it still has a good demand from Apple device fans. If you like to add extra functionality to an iPhone 4, Cydia Download for iPhone 4 will be a big help for you because Cydia gives you amazingly features third-party apps and tweaks. Speaking of the Jailbreak iPhone 4 Status, Pangu Jailbreak is available for that. But there is an easier way of installing Cydia on the iPhone 4 devices, which is by using the CydiaFree semi-jailbreak tool. So here in this article, let us see how to install Cydia Download for iPhone 4 with CydiaFree.

Brief Introduction to iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is the fourth generation of the iPhone family. It was released on June 24, 2010, succeeding the 3GS and before 4S in time. Apple introduced the iPhone 4 with a new hardware design to the iPhone family, and it was the thinnest smartphone in the world at that time. It has a good display, design, and performance. It is available in the online market to buy with the following price ranges.

  • 16GB AT&T : $140 - $200
  • 16GB Verizon : $140 - $195.50
  • 8GB AT&T : $50 - $ 195
  • 8GB Verizon : $50 - $ 200

Why need Cydia Download for iPhone 4?

Cydia is a third-party app store for all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, which comes as an alternative to the Apple app store. It contains feature-rich third-party apps, tweaks, extensions, add-ons, games, and themes for iOS devices. If you have an iDevice, you download Cydia on your device and enjoy the amazing features of its apps and tweaks. Speaking of the iPhone 4, it is fairly good in its condition but, lately, people started to complain about some of its issues. The good news is, whatever you find on iPhone 4 as an issue, you have a solution for that with Cydia tweaks. So to fix issues on iPhone 4 and add extra functionality to it, you need the help of Cydia Download for iPhone 4.

Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is only compatible with iOS 4 - iOS 7. So if you can use a Jailbreak tool that is compatible with iOS 4 - iOS 7, you can Jailbreak iPhone 4. Speaking of which, the only available jailbreak application for iOS 4 - iOS 7, is Pangu Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2. Pangu is a Chinese programming team who developed the Pangu jailbreak tool for iDevices. Pangu jailbreak tool is an untethered jailbreak tool, and Pangu iOS 7.1.2 can be used to Jailbreak iPhone 4.

The Best Way to Jailbreak iPhone 4

Although Pangu iOS 7.1.2 can Jailbreak iPhone 4, you will have to follow a lengthy installation procedure to get Cydia Download for iPhone 4 with Pangu jailbreak. And you will lose the warranty of your device after jailbreaking with Pangu jailbreak. Therefore, using Pangu jailbreak is not the best way to Jailbreak iPhone 4. The best way to install Cydia Download for iPhone 4 is by using a semi-jailbreak tool such as CydiaFree. In semi-jailbreaking, you don’t have to follow lengthy installation procedures to install Cydia. You can simply visit the official website of the semi-jailbreak tool and click on the Cydia download button. Most of all, it won’t void the warranty of your device when semi-jailbreaking.

Cydia Installer App Download

Cydia Download for iPhone 4 with CydiaFree

CydiaFree is the best-rated semi-jailbreak tool on the internet. It gives you free download links to any Cydia version. It is a safe-to-use jailbreak tool on iDevices because it doesn’t harm the device or its data while installing Cydia. On the official website of Cydia, it contains several download options to a number of Cydia versions. You can visit its website and just click on the appropriate download button to download Cydia with CydiaFree. If you want to get Cydia Download for iPhone 4 with CydiaFree, I will give you the instructions to proceed with it.

Download & Install Cydia Download Pc

Semi-Jailbreak iPhone 4 with CydiaFree to Install Cydia Download for iPhone 4

Zoom Download

01: Use the link to visit the official website of the CydiaFree tool.

02: There you can gain all the latest news about the upcoming and the latest released Cydia versions.

03: To install Cydia Download for iPhone 4, click on the “Cydia Download” button on the top of the page.


04: Then you will get the necessary instructions to install Cydia Download for iPhone 4.

05: Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation of the Cydia app.

Developer Credits

Cydia Download With Computer

The developer of the Cydia app is the famous Software Engineer; Jay Freeman Saurik. He has been distributing the Cydia app since its initializing date. And of course, he takes the lead in releasing new Cydia updates to iDevice users. So all the credits for developing and distributing Cydia must go to him.

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