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Cooking Fever is a free game which is one of the most addictive games for iOS and Android. It is developed by Nordcurrent which happens to be a ‘Top Developer’ at Google Play Store. Anything that comes from a Top Developer is sure to be of premium quality.

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  3. Cooking Fever Game Free Download For PC (Laptop): Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game! With a choice of 19 unique locations, from Desserts and Fast Food to an Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques.
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Cooking Fever for Android and iOS

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You can download it free from app store. It is only 47MB and works perfectly fine on all the devices and on all the latest versions of Android and iOS.

Players have to manage and run their own restaurants. Every player gets a restaurant which he/she has to manage. You have to cook dishes using ingredients and kitchen appliances. You have to decorate your restaurant and have to offer freebies so as to attract customers.

It has over 400 levels and all of them are equally challenging and addictive. Once you complete a level, you get a lot of rewards and access to new features and products.

You have to complete all the levels as quickly as you can, this is the basic purpose of the game. Every new level brings new challenges and tasks that must be completed in order to move to the next level.

Cooking Fever Features

  • The game has over 13 different locations to choose from such as fast food, restaurant, bar and more. Players have to decorate and manage one of the locations depending on the level.
  • There are 150 ingredients to choose from. This provides you with lots and lots of cooking opportunities.
  • You can cook around 400 different dishes.
  • There are a lot of kitchen appliances that are used for cooking. These include cookers, ovens, coffee makers and many others.
  • Appliances need to be upgraded and this is what engages the players till the end.

Cooking Fever for PC and Laptop

Though it is not a large or heavy game but it is still available for PC, laptops and desktops. You can download it free of cost for your personal computer.

Since it is so addictive that players wish to stay connected to it all the times therefore you will feel the need to download it on your computer so that you can play it on all possible devices.

Cooking Fever works on all the current versions of Windows (such as 7, XP, 8 and 10) and Mac. All you need is a computer or a laptop and you are all set to download Cooking Fever. It can be downloaded on all the devices that you own like tablet, laptop and computer.

You don’t have to leave your restaurant unattended whether you are in office, at home or traveling. You can play Cooking Fever on all the devices without losing your progress.

When you play Cooking Fever on laptop, you see your kitchen, appliances, restaurant and everything else on a big screen with enhanced graphics. This is one potential benefit of playing Cooking Fever on laptop.


When we talk of addictive games that have the potential to keep players engaged for days, weeks and months, Cooking Fever for iOS, Android and PC is one among them. The concept looks pretty simple but the way levels are developed and the way how game-play has been crafted, make this game so interesting.


How to Download and Play Cooking Fever on PC:

  1. Download & Install Bluestacks. Alternatively you can use andyroid or ipadian.
  2. Register new or connect your old Gmail/Google Play account.
  3. Go to search box in bluestacks and type “Cooking Fever”
  4. Click “install” button next to the game and wait for the download to complete.
  5. That is it! Enjoy Cooking Fever on your desktop/laptop PC!

Cooking Fever Trailer

About Cooking Fever

Developer: Nordcurrent

Platforms: iOS Android Amazon

Official Website

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About Cooking Simulator

Developed by Big Cheese Studio, Cooking Simulator is a cooking video game, available for the Windows operating system. Cooking Simulator allows players to step into the role of a cook in a realistic kitchen. Furthermore, the video game applies realistic physics to a number of different ingredients that players can use in any way they please. Players make all sorts of different dishes, in pursuit of improving their restaurant in the game's detailed career mode. Otherwise, players can make dishes simply for fun in the game’s free-form sandbox mode.

Cooking Simulator Features

First, Cooking Simulator's gameplay is bolstered by the immense variety of different ingredients and recipes, as well as the ways players use them. Players can prepare a massive variety of dishes, as the game contains over 60 recipes and over 120 different ingredients. Additionally, these ingredients run the gamut from common ingredients such as tomatoes, to more rare items.

Next, Cooking Simulator's extensive use of physics makes the actual act of cooking more interesting. The game strives to correctly simulate the effects of real-life physics on all objects. This includes the food items the player is tasked to prepare, and the tools they are using in the kitchen. Advanced physics simulation allows players to engage with recipes in whatever manner they see fit. As a result, food can be cut in any way the players like. Further, overcooked or undercooked food makes for interesting gameplay challenges and affects texture and taste. Because of advanced simulation, players can even run into serious issues such as fires in the kitchen. If this occurs, players have to put out the fire with an extinguisher. The physics simulation in Cooking Simulator is essential to the game's appeal. It allows for more involved and dynamic gameplay than would otherwise be possible.

Cooking Games I Can Download

Also, the game's accurate simulation of cooking can be engaged with in several different ways. The video game offers a career mode for a more structured take on its cooking gameplay. In career mode, players start off as an obscure cook at a restaurant. Cooks gradually accumulate fame and skill by cooking a variety of different dishes and serving them to customers. Alternatively, players who aren't interested in this structured gameplay can play the game's sandbox mode. This mode gives them access to a full kitchen, as many ingredients as they need, and the ability to cook whatever they want. Free-form gameplay experience gives Cooking Simulator a large degree of replayability.

In Summary

Cooking Games For Girls Download

Cooking Simulator uses advanced physics simulation combined with a wide variety of tools and ingredients. The game offers one of the most interesting virtual approximations of cooking around. Big Cheese Studio's video game, available for the Windows operating system, is a must-play for any gamers and cooking enthusiasts!

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