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You can publish your Community Connector in the Data Studio Connector Gallery.Publishing will let all Data Studio users easily find your connector and providevisibility to your connector based on connector name, description, and listeddata sources.

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To configure Visual Studio for Web Deploy publishing, follow these steps: In Visual Studio, on the Build menu, click Publish projectname, where projectname represents the name of the project. On the Publish page, click the icon labeled IIS, FTP, etc. In the Publish dialog box, click the Connection tab if it is not already selected. Once comparison is complete, we will see the table change as new column being added to the Products table in Visual Studio. Publish Data-Tier Project changes to Database. There are three different ways to apply SQL Server Database project changes back to the database. Publish the project from Visual Studio and select target database.

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Log of making data Video Past Top Images Bulletin Board Link route data 路線データ: Structure Data ストラクチャーデータ: Powered by Create your own unique website with. Creating a Publish Profile is actually really easy. With your Database Solution open in Visual Studio, Right-Click any of the Databases in your Solution and choose Publish.


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Even if you do not publish, you can stillshare your connector with others by providing a direct link.Users will be able to add and use your connector from the direct link.
Criteria Partner Connector
Description Partner Connectors are developed, deployed, maintained and supported by the connector developers.
Support You will need to actively support your connector, address user issues, and update code as needed.
Deployment You will manage and update your own deployment.
  • Will be added to the gallery as a Partner Connector and get better visibility.
  • Will be considered for inclusion in monthly newsletter.
  • Will be considered for additional promotion and publicity.
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Remove your published connector from the gallery

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To remove your Community Connector from the gallery, send a removal request [email protected]

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