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Mithscape 508 Release
100% Working Login (google release)
Server Features
- Working Normal Magic, Ancient magic and Lunar magics (50% was already on source)
- Working Veng, Veng other & Other lunar spells ...
- Working Login with HD And LD Clients
- Working Private Messages
- Working Trade
- 88% Shops (2 Bugs in shops (Shop Swapping and Buy-10))
- Meele, Ranged and Magic sounds when Fighting
- Lamps to gain EXP in Combat skills
- Comes with 1 minigame made by Me (Whiz`)
- Started Clan Wars
- Proper emotes for Jad , KBD , KQ and other Important NPCs
- Working NPC vs NPC area (To relax and watch them fight)
- Working PVM, PVP and MVM
- When person exits and Crashes client , 80% of the time you will go back to Varrock
- Working Mute and Unmute (Some people didn't have this working)
- 4 Quests Added by Me
- Quest cape added with Requirements of Completion of all Quests
- Quest points add up with 'Quest Complete' Interface when done on a quest
- Working Prices and Alch prices on the server
- Added portals to Different areas such as KQ and KBD with Warning interfaces
- Added Inadequancy as a Hard NPC to beat
- Removed laggy train as it bugged and lagges the server
- Easy to edit shops with Added Names and Working Prices
- Some Summoning pouches will summon NPCs when Dropped/Summoned
- Added Congratulations on 99 Skill message
- Bans and Unbans now work without Resetting the Server
- Removed the Login interface and Made overall Login faster
- Added Titles and Descriptions to Shops
- Removed Non-Working Shop choices - e.g. The Buy and Sell X
- Fixed the HD and LD Compatibility error and HD now works
- Repaired HD Compatibility
- Repaired the No Opponent bug
- Added new Quest 'Monks of the Monastry'
- Fixed a few login features
- Added more acurate timers for Server minigames
- 25% Server Clanwars
- Added Emote Enhancers to the server
- Finished another Quest , Totaling 6 Quests and 11 Quest Points
- Added an Anti-Flood to Login.java
- Added PublicChat replacements (If you say 'join my', It will make you say something funny ^^)
- Quests fixed (Cant get over 11 QP unless of a bug)
- New Tab from the Achievement Button to get to the Info screen
- Information added to that Tab meansioned Above
- PkPoints added to the server Which are recorded on the Info screen
- Level 163 Combat added (ADMINS ONLY) via a Special Command & Skill
- Added God, Godoff and a command that makes people lol
- Added an AFK Command
- Max Combat is 163 and Lowest Combat is 1
[UPDATE 2 02/05/09]
- Added player list to the Information tab and more stuff
- Added a command etc list from the Info tab
- The Questlist is now more Navigatable
- Fixed Quest Bugs where they were showing the wrong quest stage
- Fixed Quest text
- Started Achievement Diary in Edgeville
- Added the Information to the Action list
- Added the HelpDesk to the Server
- Made the Easter-Egg cape (Thanks Hackur ^^)
- Added a Jail to the server
- Added the Guide to the HelpDesk
- New Quest - Darkness in the Wilderness (Uses the new Text effects)
- When you att someone with 0 rights as a npc you will turn back to normal
- Removed stats for Pring - Easy enough to add it again
- NPC that transforms you into other NPCs
- Jail on Login fixed (Jail is near the Helpdesk)
- [HELPDESK] Notice for server
- Fixed Playerlist and Added the ::Help again
- Kick command
- Person has beaten person with combat levels
[13/05/09] (Server V1 with Anti-Leach)
- Fixed the Login bug where now you can login whenever with as many people - Just added Anti-Leachers though...
Server Pictures
Helpdesk Idea - Thanks to Mod Free
Idea - ::Help or QuestTab > Achievements > HelpDesk to Get there , It Alerts Mods and Admins, They can then Teleport Behind the desk with ::HelpAdmin, And Help them , The Portal will then Take them back Home

The Tarn Idea - Whiz`

Tarn is a Minigame that was made by me, And has been around the server since It was made
First of all you Goto the Tarn hunter and He will tell you The time and place Tarn will be at
Items that he Offers
The Book is the Instructions on what to do, And the house teleport is the Teleport that is used to Teleport to Tarn
When you go to Find tarn , You will need to Kill its 1st Form
And then Tarns 2nd Form after that, Which will hit Hard on you
i did not make this so %0 credit to me just share it on ragezone
all credit to Whiz :)

Download Client

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Downloads Dragonscape 508 Manual

Downloads dragonscape 508 download

Downloads Dragonscape 508 App

In 1998, Section 508 (Sec. 508) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was amended, requiring Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities—to provide “comparable access” to data and information for people with disabilities to those without disabilities. In here you will be able to access Wordscapes Level 508 Answers. As you may notice Wordscapes with the latest update released a new form to play this game. Now they are divided into levels from packs that they were divided before. Wordscapes Level 508 Answers 3 Letter Answers: HIM HIP HIT HUM HUT IMP. Curtain Features: – 3dsmax – Vray – Textures – Model size: 45 MB Download More from my site357. Curtain 3dmodel pro365. Curtain 3dmodel pro501. Curtain 3dmodel pro498. Curtain 3dmodel pro497. Curtain 3dmodel pro496. Curtain 3dmodel pro495. Curtain 3dmodel pro506. Curtain 3dmodel pro488. Curtain 3dmodel pro487. Curtain 3dmodel pro. The IRS Alternative Media Center is excited to be working with Adobe Systems and some talented accessibility contractors to create speech friendly Adobe PDF tax forms. 1 Packet structure 2 Login 3 Game Protocol 3.1 Server - Client Packets 3.2 Client - Server Packets When the client sends a packet to the server, the first byte encapsulates its opcode. This specific opcode is encrypted with a value generated by the ISAAC PRNG seeded with a dynamically server generated key during the login block. The server decrypts it and associates the opcode to the packet.

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