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This is a comprehensive list of every song recorded by the American pop rock band Imagine Dragons. This includes singles, albums, covers, soundtrack songs, collaborations, and extended plays.

List of songs[edit]

'All Eyes'2:59Hell and Silence2010
'All For You'3:332014* This song can only be heard at the beginning of the film, 'Transformers: Age of Extinction', due to the planned soundtrack CD not getting released for unknown reasons.
'America'3:30It's Time, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition), The Archive2010[1]
'Amsterdam'4:01It's Time, Night Visions, Hear Me, iTunes Session, Night Visions Live2010[2]
'Bad Liar'4:21Origins2018*The fourth single from the album, Origins. On May 31, 2019, the 'stripped' version was released.
'Battle Cry'4:32Smoke + Mirrors (Super Deluxe Edition)2014* It was created for Transformers: Age of Extinction and can be heard in the film, although the soundtrack album was never released for unknown reasons. The song was subsequently released a year later, on the deluxe edition of Smoke + Mirrors.
'Believer'3:22Evolve2017* The remix by Kaskade is used as the final track on the deluxe edition of Evolve.
'Believer (Remix)'3:412019* This is a remix with American Rapper, Lil Wayne, that was first performed at the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship.
'Birds'3:40Origins2018* The fifth single from Origins and the fourth to get a music video, (Machine doesn't have one).
'Birds (ft. Elisa)'3:392019This is a duet with Italian singer, Elisa, of the song 'Birds', from the album 'Origins'.
'Blank Space / Stand By Me Mashup'4:33Original: 2014, 1961A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original songs by Taylor Swift and Ben E. King, respectively.
'Bleeding Out'3:43Night Visions2012
'Boots' (Demo)4:12Demo2008
'Boots' (Speak to Me EP)3:32Speak to Me2008
'Bottle Of Coke'3:32Demo2008
'Born To Be Yours'3:16Origins (International Deluxe Edition)2018* By music producer Kygo and Imagine Dragons. Written and produced by Kygo, with additional writing from all members of Imagine Dragons.
'Bullet in a Gun'3:25Origins2018
'Burn Out'4:34Origins2018
'Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)'4:09Night Visions (Deluxe Edition), Night Visions Live2012
'Clouds' (2008 version)4:582008* A demo CD with this version has appeared online.
'Clouds' (Revised versions)Varies2009* The length of the song has varied, since it has only been performed live. 2009 is when revised versions, different from the demo CD version, first started getting played although the most well-known version is from 2010.
'Cool Out'3:38Origins2018
'Cover Up'4:20Imagine Dragons, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition)2009
'Curse'4:16Imagine Dragons2009
'Curtain Call'3:19Demo2008
'Dancing in the Dark'3:53Evolve2017
'Darkness'varies2011* The first known performance was in 2011.[3]
'Demons'2:57Continued Silence EP, Night Visions, Night Visions Live2012
'Destination'3:53iTunes Session2013* Appears on 'iTunes Session' EP as an acoustic track.
* Alternate version recorded as a demo for 'Night Visions'.[4]
* The first known performance was in 2009.[5] Another acoustic version, from a 2012 recording, was released in 2018, on the final Cities 97 Sampler, vol. 30.
'Dream'4:18Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Drive'4:32Imagine Dragons2009
'Emma'3:32Hell and Silence2010*This song has the lyrics that gave the EP its name.
'Every Night'3:37Night Visions2012
'The Fall'6:06Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Fallen'2:59Night Visions (Deluxe Edition)2012
'Fear'2:41VHS, VHS 2.02015* An X Ambassadors song featuring Imagine Dragons.
'Friction'3:21Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Gold'3:36Smoke + Mirrors2014
'Hand in My Pocket'3:06Live at AllSaints StudiosOriginal: 1995*A live acoustic cover of Alanis Morissette's song.
'Hands'4:252016*A collaboration with 23 other artists as a tribute to the 2016 'Orlando nightclub shooting'.
'Hear Me'3:55Hell and Silence, Answers to Nothing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Night Visions, Hear Me, Live at Independent Records2010* In its original release on MySpace, it was titled, 'Breathe'.
'Heart Upon My Sleeve'4:14TIM2019* An Avicii song that was released on his 2013 album 'True', as an instrumental. The version with Imagine Dragons leaked in 2013, but was released on June 6, 2019, on Avicii's posthumous album, 'TIM', with some additional lyrics, but is 29 seconds shorter than the 'True' version.[6]
'Hopeless Opus'4:01Smoke + Mirrors2015
'I Bet My Life'3:14Smoke + Mirrors2014
'I Don't Know Why'3:10Evolve2017
'I Don't Mind'3:18Hell and Silence, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition)2010
'I Love You All The Time'3:07Original: 2015A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original song by The Eagles of Death Metal.
'I Need A Minute'3:28Imagine Dragons2009
'I Was Me'3:162015* Single written for the One4 Project[7] with all proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency to support fleeing refugees, particularly in the Middle East.
'I'll Make It Up to You'4:22Evolve2017
'I'm So Sorry'3:50Smoke + Mirrors2015
'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'3:00Original: 1988A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original song by The Proclaimers
'It Comes Back To You'3:37Smoke + Mirrors2015
'It's Time'4:00It's Time, Continued Silence EP, Night Visions, Live at Independent Records, iTunes Session, Night Visions Live2010[8]
'Leave Me'3:31It's Time2010[9]
'Levitate'3:18Passengers OST, Evolve (Deluxe Edition)2016* This song was featured in the movie, 'Passengers'
'Living Musical'4:44Speak to Me, Demo2008
'Look How Far We've Come'4:08It's Time2011
'Lost Cause'3:50Frankenweenie Unleashed!: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture2012
'Lovesong'3:52Original: 1989A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original by The Cure
'Machine'3:01Origins2018*Their third single of the album, Origins
'Mad World'5:012018A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original by Tears for Fears
'Monster'4:09Infinity Blade III Original Soundtrack, Smoke + Mirrors (Super Deluxe Edition)2013
'Mouth of the River'3:41Evolve2017
'My Fault'2:56Continued Silence EP, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition), The Archive2012
  • This song is confirmed to be the anthem for the 2018 ESPN College Football season and the first single on the album Origins.
'Next to Me'3:50Evolve2018*It is the first track on the re-release of Evolve.

A different version, identical, except for different female vocals (possibly a different singer), exists on Spotify.

'Not Giving In'5:44Original: 2013A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original song by Rudimental
'Not Today'4:18Me Before You Original Soundtrack, Evolve (Deluxe Edition)2016
'Nothing Left To Say'6:33Night Visions2012On January 20, 2020, over 7 years after the song's initial release, a music video known as an 'art film' was released. This version of the song is only 5:39.
'Off to War'4:24Demo2008
'On Top of the World'3:12Continued Silence EP, Night Visions, Night Visions Live2012
'Pantomime'5:02It's Time2011
'Pistol Whip'3:41Speak to Me, Demo2008
'The Pit'3:49Speak to Me, Demo2008
'Polaroid'3:51Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Radioactive'3:06Continued Silence EP, Night Visions, Hear Me, Live at Independent Records, iTunes Session, Night Visions Live2012
'Radioactive (Remix)'4:432014* Features Kendrick Lamar

* The remix was first performed at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards as a mashup of 'Radioactive' and M.A.A.D City.[10]

'Ready Aim Fire'4:01Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall2013
'Real Life'4:08Origins2018
'Release'2:28Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe Edition)2015
'Rise Up'3:51Evolve2017
'The River'3:25Hear Me, It's Time, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition)2011
'Rocks'2:07Night Visions2012* Bonus track after Nothing Left to Say
'Roots'2:54Evolve (Japanese Edition)2015*This is the 12th track on the Japanese edition of Evolve (which uses the album's original tracklist, as it was released alongside the standard version).
'Round and Round'3:18Continued Silence EP, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition)2012
'Second Chances'3:38Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe Edition)2015
'Selene'4:01Hell and Silence, Night Visions (Deluxe Edition),2010
'Shots'3:52Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Smoke and Mirrors'4:21Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Song 2'1:57Original: 1997A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original song by Blur
'Speak to Me'3:41Speak to Me, Demo2008
'Stand By Me'3:30Original: 1961A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original song by Ben E. King.
'Start Over'3:06Evolve2017
'Stolen Dance'2:33Original:2013A cover performed by Imagine Dragons. Original song by Milky Chance.
'Sucker for Pain'4:04Suicide Squad (soundtrack)2016* This song is a collaboration with Lil Wayne, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa, and X Ambassadors.
'Summer'3:38Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Tessa'5:45'Transformers: Age of Extinction (Soundtrack EP)2014* A song by Steve Jablonsky for Transformers: Age of Extinction. The entire band has credits on BMI.

Dan can be heard throughout the song singing 'ooh's and 'oh's.

'Thief'3:47Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe Edition)2015
'30 Lives'3:19iTunes Session2013* The original demo appeared on the Songs for the Philippines album, which was a fundraiser for the victims of the 2013 Supertyphoon, Haiyan, but is no longer available.

The song also goes by the name, 'Lay Me Down', although that title has never been used in an official release. A longer version, only played live, goes by the name 'Starlight', due to the additional lyrics.

In 2017, with the release of the Whatever It Takes music video, a quiz site about the band was created and upon a 100% score, the studio demo of 30 Lives was given as free download, titled '30 Lives (Original Demo (July 2010)).

Thunder (Official Remix)3:162017* A Remix of 'Thunder', with K.Flay
'Thunder/Young Dumb & Broke (Medley)'[11]4:122017* It is a medley of 'Thunder' and Khalid's song, 'Young Dumb and Broke'. It was first performed at the 45th American Music Awards (AMAs) on November 19, 2017.[12]
'Tiptoe'3:14Night Visions2012
'Tokyo'3:17It's Time2011
'Trouble'3:13Smoke + Mirrors2015
'Underdog'3:29Night Visions2012
'The Unknown'3:25Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe Edition)2015
'Uptight'3:44Imagine Dragons2009
'Volume Drops'5:05Demo2008
'Walking the Wire'3:52Evolve2017
'Warriors'2:51Smoke + Mirrors (International Deluxe Edition)2014* This song was made for the game, League of Legends' 2014 world championship.
'West Coast'3:37Origins2018
'Whatever It Takes'3:21Evolve2017
'With Or Without You'3:31Original: 1987A cover by Imagine Dragons. Original song by U2
'White Christmas'2:32Original: 1942The original is by Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra.

The song was covered in an unofficial video posted to the band's social media in 2016. The video was later posted to their official YouTube channel on December 10, 2020.

'Who We Are'4:09The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Smoke + Mirrors (Super Deluxe Edition)2013
'Wings'2:12NBA 2K17 Soundtrack2016*It is an instrumental song that is only accessible by playing it in the basketball video game 'NBA 2K17'. It has no official release outside of the game.
'Working Man'3:55Night Visions (Deluxe Edition)2012
'Zero'3:30Ralph Breaks the Internet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Origins2018[13]* From the Disney film, 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'.

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