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What are European Space Talks? We are all concerned by space activities because they make a difference to our lives on a daily basis and are one of humankind’s greatest challenges. From 21 June to 31 October 2019, members of the European space family will be sharing their passion in a series of talks presenting a vast array of space-related. SPACES is the resource and public forum for artists who explore and experiment. The Right Way is the Clean Way. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Europe from space at night with city lights showing European cities in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom (UK), global overview, 3d rend Earth from space. Computer illustration showing the Earth as viewed from space, centred over Africa.

Europe is currently experiencing a fresh rise in COVID-19 cases and governments have been issuing new restrictions every week. Should we expect economic activity to respond in a manner similar to the spring lockdown? In order to answer that, we looked at Satellite Activity Indices (SAI) in the UK and Germany, from our new SK Industry Radar product suite.

The Satellite Activity Indices (SAI) are a family of unique, daily, unbiased near-real time indicators of economic and production activity in a variety of sectors and countries. The SAI analyze and measure changes visible from space at locations carefully drawn and annotated by our experienced data team. With this high-frequency data, forecasters can observe trends or changes in economic behavior as they unfold.

One noteworthy feature is our usage of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data for these indices. While most images from space are passive optical images (similar to a photograph), SAR is a type of active data collection where a sensor produces its own energy and then records the amount of energy reflected back after interacting with the Earth. SAR data is responsive to surface characteristics like structure and moisture and has the ability to see through clouds and in darkness.

We broke our analysis into three parts: How does the impact of the recent measures compare to the lockdown earlier in the year? How have different industries within a country been affected by the latest measures? How have various industries across countries been affected by different containment policies?

First, we chart two different sectors from the UK: light vehicle manufacturing (a large component of industrial production) and cement (which leads construction activity). Currently, the automotive industry appears resilient while the cement industry has experienced a moderate decline since the new restrictions were announced on October 12th. In the spring, both sectors experienced a much larger slowdown in activity. Most of our industrial sector indicators show a similar pattern to the automotive sector in October, suggesting perhaps that factories had prepared for a second lockdown and were able to continue production with changed policies. Construction seems to be more severely impacted and we will continue to monitor activity closely there.

In Germany, our Light Vehicle Manufacturing index actually rose going into the latest containment measures. Again, given industrial facilities had 6 months to prepare for a second lockdown, it suggests that impact on manufacturing will be moderate unless demand for products starts to slow.

We also looked at transportation sectors such as air travel. We compare our Passenger Airports SAI for Germany and the UK in the chart below. These SAIs capture overall aircraft activity at all major airports in each of these countries on a daily basis. Here the impact of the lockdown can be seen clearly.

In Italy, shipping companies complained in the spring that ships docked at Italian ports were unable to travel to other areas due to fears of COVID contagion. Our graph below shows an interesting development. Well before the second lockdown was implemented, and as COVID cases started to rise again in Europe, port activity in Italy had already slowed down. Given shipping restrictions due to COVID, it would be rational to reduce ship traffic to Italian ports as soon as cases began to rise in the country.

Our conclusion is that in general, this lockdown seems to have a more moderate and narrow impact than the first one, especially in manufacturing. Service-sector industries, reliant on mobility and traffic, have been affected immediately, while manufacturing has shown more resilience across the UK and Germany.

Our SAI’s can easily be used in quantitative models to create more precise forecasts of activity across a variety of industries. A deeper and more quantitative analysis using our indices from all the lockdown countries would allow a forecaster to, at the very least, create bands of certainty around their projections. Behavior changes could be tracked in near real-time, allowing institutions to be more comfortable with the direction of expected economic change and focus on building precision around magnitudes in their forecasts.


Interested in learning more? Contact us at [email protected] or visit spaceknow.com.

Europe Classicsempty Spaces The Blog Archive

For your remote work inspiration.

Europe is home to an incredibly vibrant community of coworking spaces. Just in the last decade, the entrepreneurial wave that swept across the continent created a demand for flexible, affordable, and community-centric work environments.

Coworking spaces tick all the right boxes for freelancers and modern teams. In particular, they offer teams the flexibility to expand quickly and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. There are currently more than 2500 coworking spaces throughout Europe- a figure that continues to grow year after year!

After browsing hundreds of coworking spaces for our latest project, we selected our favourites in Europe right now.

Mokrin House of Ideas (Mokrin, Serbia)

Nestled in the cosy town of Mokrin in the Serbian countryside is Mokrin House of Ideas. At a glance, the compound looks stunning, with modern white minimalist buildings that emulate the evergreen and relaxing environment surrounding the community. Apart from coworking, Mokrin House offers a co-living option for freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Living with the community, you can focus on your work while the Mokrin House team delivers you a 5-star hotel experience. Apart from providing three homemade meals a day, there are workshops, educational seminars, and movie nights to make your stay even more enjoyable.

__Perfect for: Escaping the stress of the city.__

Volumes (Paris, France)

Located in the heart of Paris is Volumes. The team at Volumes offers one of the most innovative concepts of coworking we’ve seen. It includes coworking, a Makers space, and a food lab. With the fundamental value being innovation, each of the three branches intertwines to create a truly special community.

We love that Volumes boasts large desk space with plenty of natural light and that it can accommodate small and large teams alike. Ready to bring your designs to life? Makers Space is an onsite workshop fully equipped with a laser cutter, milling machine and a 3D printer. Last but not least, Volumes is home to a food lab for food startups, gastronomy professionals, and amateurs to experiment with various culinary approaches.

The result of these three spaces is a wonderfully productive environment with a true sense of community.

Europe Classicsempty Spaces The Blog Example

__Perfect for: The food lab and a diverse community of innovators.__

Work in Progress (Split, Croatia)

Work in Progress is a coworking space that embodies the concept that your personal and professional life is constantly a ‘work in progress’. We value the idea that things constantly need to be tweaked and adapted. This beachside oasis was certainly built with entrepreneurs in mind. The open space allows for teams to constantly iterate their ideas until they reach perfection. Its 300 sqm space is tastefully designed to host up to 70 remote workers, plus there are call booths and a spacious conference room. It’s the largest coworking space in Split and attracts top entrepreneurs from all over the world.

__Perfect for: Working just 5 minutes from the beach.__

Poligon Creative Center (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Formerly a tobacco processing factory, Poligon Creative Center is Slovenia’s premier coworking space. Located in the country’s capital, Ljubljana, it is the country’s oldest as well as largest coworking space. The space itself serves as a platform for self-employed professionals working in the field of creative economies, culture and social entrepreneurship. Apart from a Maker’s studio it also houses a photography studio as well as a fully-stocked bar, for those extra-long days at the office!

__Perfect for: A spacious workspace and a top-quality bar.__

Work.Life (London, United Kingdom)

With 4 spaces strategically located around London, Work.Life is focused on creating intimate coworking spaces to provide the most convenient service to its community. Each of their spaces in London come with a variety of options from ‘hot desks’ to private offices; you are free to spend as much or as little time there (you can pay by the hour!) to make the logistics of your workday run smoothly.

__Perfect for: Making London a more convenient place to work.__

BONUS: Kantoor Karavaan (Anywhere)

Kantoor Karavaan’s take on coworking is one we’ve never seen before, which is why we had to include it; coworking reimagined in a caravan. Each caravan includes wifi, a coffee machine, desk space, electricity and everything else you need to get your work done. Together with your fully mobile office, the wilderness becomes your new office space and you can choose your destination for the day. On top of flexible locations, meals and workshops on outdoor living can also be organised. Have a chat with the Kantoor Karavaan team and you could soon be on your way into the wild!

__Perfect for: Working in the great outdoors.__

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