The Greek Testament Vol 1. August 16, 2008: Four weary men drove off to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport in the early afternoon. Seventeen large pieces of luggage filled up two vehicles. Their flight was at 5.15 pm. They were headed to London by way of Atlanta. The team of scholar-photographers was made up of Dr. Jeff Hargis (patristics scholar), Mr. Jeff Miller (textual critic and local pastor), Mr.

Fragments of a Scattered Faith
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Fragments of a Scattered Faith is a side quest and companion quest for Edér in Pillars of Eternity.

Overview[editedit source]

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Eder's a veteran of the Saint's War, who fought for Dyrwood against St. Waidwen. He is convinced he and his brother fought on the same side, but rumors that circulate, rumors that say Woden fought for the opposing side, are making him question that conviction. Woden always knew which side to take and Eder acted accordingly, following his brother's lead.

So what if Eder was wrong about who his brother fought for?

Walkthrough[editedit source]

  • Acquire Edér as a companion in Gilded Vale. This can be done after speaking with Caldara de Berranzi during Visions and Whispers.
  • Bring him along for the conversation with Maerwald.
  • After talking to Maerwald, Edér will explain his doubts about his brother's intentions during the Saint's War. He decides the next logical place to look is the records department in Defiance Bay.
  • Speak to the Records Keeper in the Ducal Palace in First Fires. If you have at least Friend (Somewhat Good)reputation in Defiance Bay he will give you access to the military records you need. Intimidating him with a Might 16 check will not cause him to yield the records, but also won't prevent you from getting them later when you have the requisite reputation.
    • If you have at least 17 Perception, you will notice that the Records Keeper's accent is not native to Dyrwood, and he is likely from Readceras. This opens a Resolve 17 option to bypass the reputation requirement. At 19 perception, you also notice imprints of shackles on him; this opens a Lore 5 option.
  • Travel to Clîaban Rilag. On the river in the east is a small camp at which you have to loot the Readceran standard piece.
  • Have a cipher analyze the standard piece. This can be done by the player themselves if they're a cipher; by Lady Webb or Kurren in Hadret House; or by Grieving Mother. Alternatively, if you are without Grieving Mother and have progressed past Defiance Bay, you can have a Fangs Mind Hunter in Oldsong (located by the water and jetties on the Western side of the map) de-cipher it for you.
    • If you have recruited Grieving Mother, but she was not present when you pick up the piece, you can still speak to her about it out of party in Brighthollow at Caed Nua.

Post quest dialog[editedit source]

Once the quest is completed and you've rested once, Edér will have additional dialog. Your choice during this dialog can affect Edér's ending.

Dialogue ChoiceFaith
→ 'What would your brother have to say about that?'+2
→ 'You did what you had to. Even if Waidwen was Eothas, his actions were destructive.'-2
→ 'It does seem like you put your faith in the wrong side. He'd have brought unity, even if it was by force.'+2
→ 'Your mistake was in waiting for someone else to tell you what was right.'No change

Journal[editedit source]

0Fragments of a Scattered Faith
10000Edér has agreed to travel with me. He seemed to have some questions he thought a Watcher might be able to answer.
1Bring Edér to speak with Maerwald.
10001After telling Edér that I was headed for Caed Nua to see its lord, an old Watcher named Maerwald, he expressed that there were things he'd like to ask Maerwald as well.
20003Maerwald was not in any condition to answer questions when we found him. Edér will have to decide how to proceed from here.
2Travel with Edér to the records archive.
10002Edér believes he may be able to find more about the circumstances of his brother's death in Defiance Bay. He suggested there might be records of the Saint's War in an archive in the ducal palace.
20000The records keeper was unwilling to show us records from the Saint's War, citing concerns about vengeful Dyrwoodans hunting down Readceran refugees. He said things might be different were my reputation in the city stronger.
20004I approached the records keeper, but the rioting just outside the palace had him preoccupied. I will have to wait for a better time.
3Seek out the Saint's War battlefield with Edér.
10003Edér's brother Woden fought for Readceras and died in a battle at Clîaban Rilag. He wants to see the battlefield.
4Search the battlefield for signs of the Saint's War.
10004Edér admits he isn't sure what he is looking for here. He is hoping for some sign of his brother's presence here that might provide a clue as to why he fought for Readceras.
5Bring the battle artifact to a cipher.
10005I found a steel ornament that once capped a standard of Readceras during the Saint's War. The object is useless by itself, but it is possible that in the hands of a cipher it could be more telling.
20001Dunryd Row would seem to be a promising place to go, as its cipher agents specialize in this sort of work.
20002With Dunryd Row no longer an option, I may have to look to Twin Elms for the help I need.
End states
Read Artifact
30000We were able to confirm that Edér's brother Woden fought for Readceras, and had even met Waidwen himself prior to enlisting. But his actual reasons for doing so were lost. Edér will likely never know what inspired his brother to change his allegiance.
Failed, Edér killed
30001Edér has died, and his concerns will be pursued no further.
Failed, no ciphers
30002It is unlikely we will be able to find a cipher capable of reading the standard piece we found in Clîaban Rilag.
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Remember the discovery of the “Jesus tomb”? The “crucifixion nails”? Noah’s Ark? Each of these supposed finds was at the center of a brief but intense media frenzy in recent years. These discoveries, often suspiciously timed around major Christian holidays like Easter, might prompt interesting discussions about the historical reliability of the Bible, but rarely turn out to be legitimate archaeological finds.

Christianity Today is reporting on another recent (possible) discovery of special interest to Christians: an alleged early fragment of the Gospel of Mark. Daniel Wallace, the professor at Dallas Theological Seminary who earlier this year announced the find, claimed during a debate that the fragment is the earliest known New Testament text. (You can read Wallace’s account of the debate and the surprising announcement at the Parchment & Pen Blog.)

This would certainly be exciting news if it’s confirmed. However, the CT article describes the very cautious reaction this announcement has received from scholars:

Other New Testament scholars won’t get a chance to study this gospel portion until it is published in a book about a year from now. They are admittedly skeptical, since the alleged fragment would be almost two centuries older than the current oldest copy of Mark….

“I won’t believe it until I see it,” said Simon Gathercole, editor of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Peter Head, a New Testament research fellow at Tyndale House, a British residential center for biblical research, is likewise eager to get a look at the fragment before rendering an opinion….

Fragments Iiirejected Scriptures

Biblical scholars are increasingly frustrated with sensational finds, often announced during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Magazines, book publishers, and cable channels seem more interested in pumping up sales and viewers than in assuring that discoveries stand up under scholarly scrutiny.

Healthy skepticism seems like a reasonable response to sensational claims—better to wait for a scholarly consensus before splashing the news across magazine covers. If the find is genuine, it could add significantly to our understanding of the New Testament and its formation… but let’s make sure it’s true before we get too excited.

This is a topic that we’ve discussed at times in the past—see our earlier post about how to respond to sensational archaeological claims. For more specific reactions to the Mark fragment announcement, see some helpful words of caution at The Biblical World.

Fragments Iiirejected Scriptures Definition

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