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数字笔记珍宝之至爱 OneNote Gem - Favorites 2021-01-11 OneNote 2016, 2013, 2010 的第四选项卡 —— 至爱选项卡。该插件主要用于. Size: 3.26 MB System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista, xp Office: OneNote 2016, 2013, 2010 Trial days: 30. OneNote Templates and solutions all ready-made saving you time and money - KanBan, GTD, Project Management, Estate Planner and loads more from Download OneNote Batch 2016 Size: 5.40 MB System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 Office: OneNote 2016 32-bit, 64-bit Trial days: 0 ( Demo. Background color. Convert Google Keep labels to OneNote Gem Keyword tags. Import RTF files into OneNote Choose.rtf files from windows, import them into OneNote. A.rtf file into as an OneNote page. Import a folder into OneNote, the subfolders are create as section group and section,.txt files will import as pages. Import Google Keep Notes into OneNote Import Google Keep Notes into OneNote, include images, checkboxes, background color. Convert Google Keep labels to OneNote Gem Keyword tags. Import RTF files into OneNote.

Gem Table for OneNote

A table which its cells can be merged in OneNote 2013, 2016.

OneNote Gem - Favorites

OneNote Gem – Favorites is the 4th tab in Windows OneNote we call it “Favorites” tab. This Add-Ins basically used for quick navigation. Favorite Tags.

Gem Menu for OneNote UWP

A toolkit (add-on) for OneNote for Windows 10 (UWP). 5 menus 70+ features collected now.

Gem For Onenote

OneMind for OneNote

A cross-platform mind map add-in for OneNote. Create and edit Mind Map for cross-platform OneNote.

Gem Menu for Mac OneNote

A toolkit (add-on) for Mac OneNote. 6 menus 60+ features collected now.

Gem for OneNote

Gem is a toolkit (add-in) for Windows Office OneNote. 6 tabs 500+ features collected now.


Office Word Add-in Outside. Manage (Create Edit Delete Search) your Office Word documents. Take note with Microsoft Office Word.

OneNote Reminder

Reminder for OneNote 2016 2013 2010, OneNote UWP

OneNote Batch

This OneNote tools designed to handle all pages in the notebooks or sections. Import and Export.

Pons for MindManager and OneNote

Pons is a bridge between MindManager and OneNote. Pons create current OneNote object nodes in MindManager mind map save and replace mind map from Mindjet MindMa

Row to OneNote

Reorganize Microsoft Access Excel and Project row as a table to new OneNote page and linked back to the row.

Mind Map for OneNote

Gem For Onenote 2016 Crackeleasysite
Using native elements to create Mind Map in Windows OneNote. Time Axis, All OneNote 138 Tags.​

Auto OneNote

Monitor Windows Folder Text File Excel File without Run OneNote. ​Auto-Refresh TOC Auto-Refresh Tag Summary (Specify one or all type tags). Auto set input cha

Pons for Visio and OneNote

Pons is a bridge between Visio and OneNote. Pons create current OneNote object as main topic or subtopic with link in Visio Brainstorming Diagram.

CiteBoard for OneNote

Full platforms OneNote Add-in. Quickly Copy Hyperlink from OneNote CiteBoard to Clipboard. Easy to Paste.

Favorite to OneNote

Bookmark web page hyperlink to OneNote.These add-ins extend browsers bookmarks bar.

Anchor to OneNote

Dock OneNote to desktop

Bring to OneNote

Bring title text and images to OneNote from Word Excel PowerPoint Visio Firefox Internet Explorer Windows Explorer and Acrobat. Support local notebook don't n

OneNote Search Bar

Search and List Paragraphs Image OCR Text title without running OneNote. Search notebooks on OneDrive. Auto hide top of screen.

One Markdown

One Markdown is a Markdown editor suite for OneNote. It connect to OneNote and sync notes through LAN.

Fix One 4.1

A tool to fix OneNote login sync relaunch problems.

Bridge for EndNote and OneNote

ntegrate Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 X8 X9 with OneNote​ ​Cite While You Write [CWYW] for OneNote

Anchor to OneNote for PDF

Dock OneNote to desktop use OneNote to take notes or make comments for PDF file in PDF reader.

Clip to OneNote

Send current web page as a single image to 'Quick Notes' section of OneNote Web App.


Share single or multiple OneNote pages. No copying no printing.

Bring to Mac OneNote

Bring title plain text and images to MAC OneNote from Mac Safari Chrome or Firefox. Don't need sign in.

Evernote Batch

This Evernote tools designed to handle all pages in the notebooks or tags.

OneNote Search Bar

OneNote Search Bar auto hide on top of screen, search and list paragraphs, image OCR text, handwriting inks without running OneNote. Search notebook saved on OneDrive.

OneNote Search Bar Download

Gem for onenote 2016
Size: 3.61 MB
System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista, xp
Office: OneNote 2016, 2013, 2010
Trial days: 30

Purchase OneNote Search Bar

Gem For Onenote 2016

Full license without time limitation.
Free lifetime technical support.
The license can be used to register the 2016, 2013, 2010 version.

New Features

Save Search Results
Save search results as a HTML file.
Hide search bar
After hide search bar, you can use “Restore Search Bar” to show search bar.
“Restore Search Bar” is a menu item of right-click menu of Search Bar Icon in Windows system tray area.
Keyboard Shortcut
ESC Shrink on Top of Screen, shrink search bar & search result windows to top of screen.
F2 Next page, search paragraphs in next 10 pages.
F3 Hide/Show Result Window.
F4 Hide search bar.
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Windows system global keyboard shortcut. Show search bar when search bar hide or shrink.
Current Paragraph
Get current paragraph of OneNote.
You can see what the special characters contained in the current paragraph look like in OneNote.
Check why some keywords do not search for results in OneNote.
Search and List Pages
Search pages in OneNote, and list pages.
Search and List Paragraphs
Search and list paragraphs and highlight the keyword.
Search and List Paragraphs with Tag Icons
If search result is a tag paragraph, 'Search Bar' list this paragraph with its tag icon.
Search and List Paragraphs with Heading Icons
If search result is a heading paragraph, 'Search Bar' list this paragraph with heading icon ( 1 - 6 ).
Search and List Image OCR Text
Search and list image OCR text.
List all Unindexed Pages
List all the unindexed pages in OneNote notebooks.
Hide/Show Search Bar to Top of Screen
Hide Search Bar on Top of Screen:
Move mouse over the top of input box of Search Bar, the Search Bar will hide on top of screen.
Show Search Bar on Top of Screen:
It leaves the bottom white line on top of screen when then search bar is hidden. Move mouse over the white line, the search bar will show again.
Search notebooks on
Search directly.
If you have not install OneNote application on your computer, 'OneNote Search Bar' still can search in notebooks save in
Search Handwriting Inks
Search the handwriting inks which can convert to text (Recognize text).
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