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  2. How To Download Songs From Saavn For Free On Iphone
  3. How To Download Songs From Saavn In Iphone 8 Plus

Still downloading pirated MP3s to listen to music? Try these applications to stream high quality music on your phone.

Thanks to 4G and affordable data plans, you no longer need to download pirated MP3s from malicious websites to listen to latest music. Even if you are conscious about saving your mobile data, some music apps have come with offline support, allowing you to access high quality music on-the-go.


BrowserCam provides you Saavn Music & Radio for PC (laptop) free download. Learn to download and then Install Saavn Music & Radio on PC (Windows) which happens to be developed and designed by Saavn. Offering great features. We should discover the specifications in order to download Saavn Music & Radio PC on MAC or windows laptop with not much hassle. For Saavn download, you should install Saavn Pro App and open the app first. You will see the main interface as the below. Then enter your favorite song name in the search box at the top.


So, while you are bombarded with a long list of apps in your smartphones, here's a list of the best music streaming apps that will keep you connected 24x7 to the beats and tunes of Hollywood, Bollywood and regional tracks.

Saavn - Saavn offers an eclectic range of songs to users. Obviously, you need an internet connection for streaming songs, but you can also listen to your favourite playlists while you are offline. Saavn Pro, a premium version of the app, available at 95 per month will help you download songs and listen later. Saavn also offers free access for limited time to new users.


Wynk Music - Wynk Music is among the popular music streaming apps. Users can listen to music on-the-go, create and share playlists and get personalised recommendations based on their music preferences. While Wynk Music is free for all users, upgrading to Wynk Premium allows users to access unlimited streams and downloads combined with a superior ad-free experience. The service is also available to non Airtel users.

Gaana - Another music app that offers a collection of regional songs, Bollywood and English music. Just like Saavn, you need a paid version of this app to download songs. You can also register yourself to the trial version for 14 days.

Hungama - The 'Now Playing' section of Hungama offers full album videos as well as songs. You can also tweet songs and choose between gym and sleep modes. It is a tad expensive than other apps — it charges 10 per song. You can also get a pack full of 10 songs at 50. The feature-packed streaming app is also capable of merging songs saved in your phone memory and you can play them through the app only.

Google Play Music - It's a purely subscription-based app that charges you even if you want to stream music. Get it registered using your Google account and start playing songs. The trial version lasts for a month and later you can buy the subscription at 99 per month. The subscriptions are automated, and you can end it anytime as per your convenience. This subscription is only for music streaming. For downloading songs, it charges you 18 per song.

Apple Music - It charges 120 per month as the subscription fee, which is slightly higher than others, but covers both streaming and downloads. Besides, you also get access to exclusive podcasts, TV shows and films. What's unique is its family plan which can be shared among five members.

How To Download Songs From Saavn In Iphone

Amazon Prime Music - The latest music streaming app is bundled under Amazon Prime service. The app also comes with Alexa voice AI for easier browsing of the songs. Prime subscribers get Amazon Prime Music offers ad-free music in over 10 languages spanning across different genres like retro classics, pop, rock, electronic, among others. Amazon Prime Music vs Apple Music vs Google Play Music

Other apps
Streaming music is also available on Soundcloud, an app more focused on crowd-sourced content. It's also a great platform for artists to create their own channel and share it with others.

How can we not talk about YouTube, the world's largest video sharing network that offers great options to stream music. Shazam and Bookmyshow's Jukebox are also some other options.

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05 Jan 2016

Online music listening becomes very popular in these days, especially on Android smartphone. Saavn is one those music listing app in India. Hope you have tried Saavn on your phone to listen music, if you have tried then you should aware that you can hear any music for free anytime online. If you want to listen music offline then you need to download that music, but to download you must have a subscription, which is free for the first sign up using Facebook. Despite this you can buy subscriptions for different period like 7day or 30 days etc. Once you have downloaded any music from Saavn, you can listen that music anytime offline within your subscription period.

If your subscription period expires, you can’t play those downloaded music and that’s quite natural for online music policy. You can’t keep a music for a lifetime. You should have a subscription to play that music.

But what if I tell you that you can save music from Saavn permanently and you can play that music beyond your subscription limit using any other music player.

Before I am going to reveal that, have tried to find out where does the music saves in your android device when you download a music?

How To Download Songs From Saavn In Iphone 11

Yes! When you download a music from Saavn for offline listening its download in your internal memory in MP3 format. If you navigate that folder, then you will find your downloaded music there. But you will not be able to play those mp3 files using your default music player as these files are encrypted.

So how to download music from Saavn permanently?

Here I have demonstrated how can you save music from Saavn on your Android device.

How To Download Songs From Saavn For Free On Iphone

How to Download Music from Saavn Permanently on Android

  1. First install Saavn App on your Android phone
  2. Login via FB to get free subscriptions for 7 days for first time use else purchase it/
  3. Now you can download music for offline listening, just download those music you want
  4. Once you have downloaded play any of those downloaded musics
  5. After playing 5 to 10 Sec pause the music.
  6. Now open File Explorer and navigate to Internal SD card>> Android>>data>>com.saavn.android>>songs folder
  7. You will find a file curr.mp3, just copy this file and paste anywhere except that folder. I personally paste in Internal Storage>> Songs or Music folder
  8. Now rename that curr.mp3 file to that music that you have paused playing in step 5
  9. You have successfully saved a music file from Saavn permanently which can be played using any music player.
  10. Now you download another music play any other music from downloaded list and do these steps from 5 to 8 again.

For every single music you want to download you need to first play via Saavn then pause it, then copy paste from Savvn’s root folder. What basically happens here, when you download music from Saavn its get downloaded in encrypted format. But when you play via Saavn it gets decrypted and saves as a temp file name curr.mp3 which seems to current mp3 file. Now our job is just to make a copy of that decrypted file to save it permanently.

This is a one kind of flaw that Saavn have and I tried this method for Gaana but it did not work. Till then Saavn figure out this bug you can download songs from Saavn and saves on your device permanently so that you can play without using Saavn app.

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How To Download Songs From Saavn In Iphone 8 Plus

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