Maybe it’s a desire to escape from our current world, or perhaps the trend is inspired by the many hit superhero movies in space that have dominated the big screens. Whatever the reason, consumers are drawn to galaxy and space inspired designs in a big way this year. Expect to see lots of purple/pink/black combinations on designs, and stars galore in 2019. The obsession with space is also turning into an uptick in astrology themed items, since zodiac signs are linked to the stars. Here is a look at the hot 2019 trend featuring astrological galaxy crafts and designs.

“When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system.” -Kalpana Chawla

  1. Last month, as 2020 drew to a close and we on Earth completed one of our strangest orbits around the sun, news broke that astronomers had picked up a mysterious signal from another star.
  2. Here is the Proxy Model I made for the Galaxy 1, It's Featured in TBS's Finals Space. I made it in Maya 2016, and Uv'd it myself. All Artwork is Property of TBS.
  3. China to Attempt 1st Commercial Orbital Launch, May Expand International Collaborations via ILOA Galaxy Forum Hainan 2020 Feb 11-14. The first-ever orbital launch attempted by a commercial company in China is planned by OneSpace on March 25, launching the.

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Astrology & Galaxy Crafts & Design Trends:

Home Decor

Bed covers, throws, and even chairs with galaxy designs will be hot this year. The color scheme is predominantly a blend of vivid blues, purples, and pinks on a black background. Touches of white and yellow or gold add the illusion of stars. If you don’t want to go “all in” with this trend there are multiple small items that can be added to your home to bring this design trend to your decor. The Zodiac Catch-All Dish from Urban Outfitters is a fun way to bring the space-themed trend to your home. Set these colorful and sparkly dishes on a side table or night stand to add some cosmic vibrance to any room.

Wall art is another great way to bring the universe to your home. Decorative wall art with the phases of the moon, like the one pictured, work great with lots of different styles. The simple black and white design elements offer a more clean, modern look than the colorful galaxy designs.

Paper & Stationery

The Galaxy trend is perfect for all kinds of paper products! Expect to see galaxy designs, glittery stars, and astrology symbols on lots of your favorite products. Journals, stickers, notepads, calendars, organizers and much more are available in coordinating galaxy themed sets.


A variety of clothing with galaxy and space themes are available in many different styles. For a look that will get you noticed, a galaxy patterned dress can’t be missed. For a more subtle look, opt for a black and white t-shirt that has constellation designs. A shirt with your zodiac element on it would be very on-trend as well. There are several DIY ways to customize your own galaxy inspired clothing, too, as I’ll show you below.

Jewelry and Accessories

Elements of the zodiac calendar are trending in jewelry design. Gifts can be customized and personalized by choosing charms that represent someone’s zodiac sign. Carmie’s Boutique Bangle Charm Bracelet is a stackable, lightweight bracelet that has double sided gold charms. The charms include a crescent moon, a star, gems, and a coin with the chosen zodiac symbol. Earrings, belts, purses, and more with galaxy or zodiac elements will be very trendy this year, as well.

DIY Galaxy Crafts

In my opinion, some of the best galaxy and astronomy themed items are made by hand. Break out the craft supplies and make something with a space theme. Here are a few fun project ideas to help you get started:


These celestial coasters look like something you would buy at a high end store, but you can make them yourself! Blot and splatter paint to create a vibrant galaxy design, then seal the project with resin to preserve it forever.

This constellation canvas trio is an awesome idea for an out of this world nursery or a space inspired bedroom. Use a template to help perfectly paint the constellations, then label them so visitors can learn something while they admire your handiwork!

This DIY galaxy shirt looks expensive but it’s actually easy and affordable to make! The iron on transfer gold stars and the shimmering beads really stand out against the dark background. You could also use this design on a short sleeve shirt, pants, or a dress, to create the same look for a different season.

L.a. Galaxy 2020 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Template

This galaxy watercolor pennant seems hard to make but it’s surprisingly easy to do, thanks to the easy to follow tutorial. Use pens on watercolor paper, then add water to blend the colors together. This beautiful papercrafting idea could be applied to card making, too.

Are you crushing on the galaxy crafts and astrology design trend like I am? This versatile theme offers lots of options, from vibrant galaxy colors to modern black-and-white designs. You can embrace the trend in small ways, like stationary and jewelry, or go big and decorate an entire room with the theme. Which designs are your favorites?

L.a. Galaxy 2020 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog -

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