New French / English dictionary application for android mobile now available from Larousse, leading dictionary and reference book publisher. 250,000 words and phrases - 400,000 translations illustrating all nuances of meaning - Recorded pronunciation for 450,000 words and phrases (Internet access required) - 3,000 abbreviations - Proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions The quick search. Larousse French Dictionary online, free Oxford Dictionary This newly revised Larousse Concise Dictionary is ideal for the more sophisticated traveler, business person, student, and anyone interested in achieveing greater fluency in contemporary French and English.

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Larousse French English Dictionary Download

The best dictionaries offer more than just translations!
Look up words and find sample sentences, synonyms and
… moreEnglish
instructions for pronunciation!
Many dictionaries even let you add words directly to a vocabulary trainer. These comprehensive reference tools are free! Poke through our selection and find the right dictionary for you!
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Online dictionaries

  1. This popular monolingual dictionary allows you to learn vocabulary at a higher level: you can learn new words with the help of definitions and example sentences. A high-quality dictionary with audio features.
  2. Logos sets itself apart from other dictionaries by showing you images of the words you look up, which helps to reinforce the meaning of the word in your memory. The language combination is selectable, so you can also .
  3. A clearly-structured dicitonary with over 47,000 entries. Along with the translation of the search term, you are also provided with synonyms and common phrases containing the search term.
  4. The popular PONS dictionary has an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Along with the translation of the search term, you will also be shown phrases and expressions that contain the word or phrase you search for. Combine this dictionary with the free to learn vocabulary efficiently!
  5. This dictionary presents its results in a compact and concise manner. You are also shown sentences and phrases associated with the search term, which helps you to learn the context of new words.
  6. is more than a simple dictionary – alongside the translation of the search term you can also listen to the pronunciation, view synonyms, and read example sentences that contain the word or phrase you searched for.
  7. Linguee provides you with many different examples of your search term from over a billion translated text sources. From the results you can see how the word or phrase you searched for is used in authentic contexts.
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Freeware dictionaries for download

Dictionary Larousse Francais

  1. Lingoes provides free dictionaries for over 80 languages! You can add individual dictionaries to the program after the initial program installation. After proper configuration you can even translate words in other programs using a convenient keyboard shortcut (see instructions in the and the you will need for certain programs).
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Larousse Francais Online

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