Oh, I know, I know you keep hearing and reading from the (typically mendacious) mainstream media axis along with (typically dogmatic and ignorant) libertarians that the Cuba embargo “has failed.”. Occupational Health and Safety Standard: OHSAS: Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series: OHSAS: Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services (est. 2001; UK) OHSAS: Occupational Health, Safety and Security: OHSAS: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (UK) OHSAS: Occupational Health and Safety Auditing System. Ohs A disease of the macula found in young and middle-aged adults from the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys, in which loss of vision occurs with central scotoma. It is also known as presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (POHS), since the macular lesion is thought to be caused by Histoplasma capsulatum, a fungus that does not grow in.

OHS may refer to:


Media axis and ohs development


Media Axis And Ohs Management

  • Occupational Health Science, a scholarly journal published by the Society for Occupational Health Psychology
  • Oh's, a brand of cereals


  • Office of Homeland Security, Office of the Executive Branch of the United States, precursor to the Department of Homeland Security
  • Organ Historical Society, in Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States

High schools[edit]

Various countries
  • Orange High School (disambiguation), various schools of this name
  • Olympic High School (disambiguation), various schools of this name
Media axis and ohs marketing
  • Oromocto High School, in Oromocto, New Brunswick
New Zealand
  • Onehunga High School, in Auckland
United Kingdom
  • Oriel High School, in Crawley, West Sussex, England
  • Oxford High School, in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Media Axis And Ohs Functions

United States
  • Oakland High School, in Oakland, California
  • Oakmont High School, in Antelope, California
  • Oakton High School, in Vienna, Virginia
  • Oceanside High School, in Oceanside, California
  • Odessa High School (New York), in Odessa, New York
  • Odessa High School, in Odessa, Texas
  • Odessa High School (Washington), in Odessa, Washington
  • Ogden High School (Utah), in Ogden, Utah
  • Olympian High School, in San Diego County, California
  • Olympic High School, in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Opelika High School, in Opelika, Alabama
  • Orem High School, in Orem, Utah
  • Orion High School, in Orion, Illinois
  • Osborne High School, in Marietta, Georgia
  • Ottawa Senior High School, in Ottawa, Kansas
  • Ottumwa High School, in Ottumwa, Iowa
  • Stanford University Online High School, online school based in Stanford, California

Media Axis And Ohs Functions

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