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Create A New Facebook Account guide 2020. If you plan to create an account on the most widely known social network on earth — Facebook, it is free and simple to create and it requires nothing but just a couple of minutes and your smartphone.

A facebook account will enable you to contact your family and friends, and share happiness, and media with family and friends, and upload media files.

See steps to create a new facebook account below:

If you want to create the facebook account, the steps are:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/r.php
  • Fill in your name, email address, password, birth date, gender.
  • Click on sign up.

Step 1: create an account

Before create an account, you will need to tap on ‘settings’ on your smartphone to find the displayed logo of facebook, then tap on ‘develop new account’

Action 1. Developing an account.

Prior to creating a account, you require tap “Settings” on iPhone or iPad to discover Facebook logo design then choose “Develop New Account”.

Step 2. Fill in your info to register.

Then enter your last name, given name, email address, birthday, gender and password. You must

use your real name for your account. After getting in all your information, tap “Register” to next page

Step 3. Launch the app.

Tap “Install” button then download and install the official app, which offers you complete access to your account. Once downloaded you can visit to the app with your User name and Password.


Step 4. Build Your Profile

Facebook New Account

When you are done setting up the app, head on to the app and tap the settings. Better still, listed below the app icon on the service-specific menu with setting customize particular features of the online social networking app.

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Step 5. Setting your Facebook.

Go to the heading Allow These Apps To Utilize Your Account, turn on or off the virtual switches associated with specific apps. For example, your calendar and contacts apps can synch with your Facebook account if you permit them.

Step 6. Update your contacts.

Now update your contacts to Facebook, tap on “Update Contacts” button to add your buddies to Facebook. This likewise allows you to allow you to access your online account. When do this for the Facebook, contacts include profile image, birthdays and other information listed on the Facebook profile to your contacts entry.

After setting up all info, you can use Facebook easily. Chat with pals, share things with good friends, or upload images on Facebook and so on.

Establishing a Facebook company account

Establishing a Facebook business account is basic, and can help increase the exposure and engagement with your business.

Microsoft Account Page

Initially, you need to have an individual Facebook account, or produce one. All Facebook service pages, or fan pages, should be connected to a minimum of one personal Facebook account.

Second, to establish your Facebook company account, browse to the “Produce a Page” area of Facebook. You’ll be asked to choose the type of page you wish to develop.

Third, upon selecting the kind of page, you’ll be asked concerns to help complete your profile. Some example questions include service classification, company name, and telephone number.

My Account Page

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Once your page has actually been created, you’ll have to select a profile photo (this will appear on your page, and will function as the icon next to each product you post from your business account). You should likewise create a cover picture (the big header image) that shows something that will resonate with your clients and prospects customers, some alternatives consist of a collage of the items you produce, your logo, or something that evokes your place in the community. Awajis can provide other ideas and assist you to develop an expert Facebook cover picture.

To conclude this beautiful article, it will be a good show of courtesy if you give a good welcome post to your pals, customers, neighbourhood members. This will boost your new fan page in the long run.

So, this how you create a new Facebook account.

Why join Facebook?

  • Facebook has more than 500 million users around the globe. It is a community of personalities, nationalities and cut across different cultures and boundaries. You can reach out, communicate, share your views and do business on the platform.
  • Facebook has the messanger, video call and live call feature, which tremendously help to transmit messages and communicate with loved ones.
  • Facebook is very easy to use and fun to interact with.
  • Facebook is the best way to create a presence online.

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© rudi_suardi/Getty Images It's easy to create a Yahoo account. rudi_suardi/Getty Images
  • When you create a Yahoo account, you get access to a free account with Yahoo Mail, Yahoo's email service.
  • Creating a Yahoo account also gives you access to a variety of services, including a personalized breaking news feed, address book, and more.
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In addition to getting your own @yahoo.com email address, maintaining a Yahoo account is a great way to get a personalized feed of breaking news.

From a customizable home page, to web services like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Notepad, a Yahoo account offers a streamlined ecosystem of features to get the most out of your time on the web.

If you're new to Yahoo's services and want to create a Yahoo account, here's how to get started, using any browser on your Mac or PC.

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Create new account

Google New Account

How to create a Yahoo account

1. Open up your browser of voice and visit the Yahoo homepage.

Create New Account

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Go To My Accounts Page

2. Click 'Create an account,' found beneath the sign-in credentials form.

© Emma Witman/Business Insider In the future, this page is where you'll sign into your Yahoo account. Emma Witman/Business Insider

3. Fill out all the required fields, including your first and last name, username, password, birthday, and mobile number for two-factor authentication.

© Emma Witman/Business Insider You'll want to have some backup email usernames in mind, in case your first choice is taken. Emma Witman/Business Insider

4. Click 'Continue.'


5. Select whether to have Yahoo call or text your authentication code to the mobile number you provided.

6. Enter the 5-digit verification code when you've received it. Click 'Verify' and then 'Continue.'

New Pageaccountnew© Emma Witman/Business Insider Be sure to enter your verification code in a timely manner, or it may expire. Emma Witman/Business Insider

You're all set. When you click 'Done,' you'll navigate back to the Yahoo homepage, where you can access your email in the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can visit the Yahoo Mail login page directly.

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