5% Revenue sharing & Old Reseller return/New VoIP Reseller offer


5% revenue sharing:
We are happy to announce that onward we will be sharing 5% revenue on our every VoIP Reseller total daily cost.
(a) Daily Reseller cost has to be minimum equal of 25$.
(b) Reseller has to contact us once reached the value after Reseller panel billing time 00.00 or next day.
Example: A Reseller daily cost is 25$. We will add him 5% balance in USD that is 1.25$
Old Reseller return/New VoIP Reseller offer:
We will add 5% extra balance for your each payment up to 5 times.
Minimum payment will be following by below.
Oman: Minimum 20 OMR
India: Minimum 50$ equal according to www.xe.com
Bangladesh: Minimum 4000 BDT
KSA: NCB(Minimum 300 SAR), Al-Rajhi(Minimum 390 SAR)
UAE: Minimum 300 AED
Pakistan: Minimum 100$ equal according to www.forex.com.pk (Selling rate)
P.S: We hold the rights to stop any offer we have been offering without notice.
VoIP FreedomIDD

5% extra balance for all our VoIP Reseller


We are happy to announce that onward for payment 200$ or more, we will credit our VoIP Reseller balance by 5% extra.
P.S: We hold the rights to stop offering this privilege without notice at any time.
VoIP FreedomIDD

How to be A Mobile Dialer VoIP Reseller How does VoIP Reseller Biz work


The way this business works is called VoIP Reseller program which is very simple to understand & U can start earning money right away. Ur clients are 2 types. One of the type of Ur client would be the same like U are for us, they are called Reseller & the another client would be the PIN User who is called 'End User'- reason to call them PIN user because they'll use a PIN & a password(combination of numeric/alphabetical digit) to call their destination. Well, now please go through the below descriptions to get an idea of this business system.
  • Create a reseller account( We will create it & give you the user ID & Password after purchasing the amount you wish.
  • Log on into your account. U will have the option to create and manage your customers accounts like we will do for you.
  • Decide if Ur client would be a reseller(if they are,you'll also earn money on the call generated by their customers)
  • Create rate sheet for Ur customers by applying the rates you want. This way U can decide the margin/profit you want to make. You can create exceptions and special offers for some destinations.
  • Collect money from your customers and choose the calling amounts you grant them.
  • If the customer would be a reseller,you would have to create a reseller account for them which is mentioned earlier. U will create this account after purchasing the amount they wish or U can decide yourself how much amount they have to purchase.
  • If the customer would be 'End User' or 'PIN User', you just have to create a PIN and Password and give them.
  • To create a PIN, U have to create another reseller account of your own which would be under your main account.
  • Fund your reselling account.
  • Give your customers their details rate sheet to call.
  • All these procedures would be done through internet and a link which is called 'Reseller Panel/VSR Link' - You've to manage your own accounts as well as the accounts of your resellers from that link.
  • To know about the Reseller Panel/VSR Link and the process to manage different reseller accounts as well as PIN generation, please click the following link 'How to create PIN and VoIP Reseller Level-1VoIP Reseller Setup,2,3'
  • Plan wise VSR links are listed below. Please use them to know the interface & latest updated call rate for any country.
  • Some visitors change the password. So if you find password is invalid, send query using the Contact form
A diagram to understand VoIP Reseller business & it's expansion in Communication sector
Freed om P lan
(Better for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Egypt)
Reseller Link:
​User ID: 12344321 Password: 12344321​
Steps to check rate: Log on>Tariff>
>Show Tariff>MAIN Tariff>Click VIEW
HaBib Plan:
Better for other countries
A-Z destinations available)

Reseller Link: habibiphone.com/reseller
User ID: 1234 Password: 1234
Steps to check rate: After log on>Click Tariff menu>Click 'Base Tariff'(don't click other tariffs)>Write country name in search field & Enter/Click Search
A reseller diagram to understand how this reseller program works and makes profit
How will you earn money
  • You get your rate sheet from us.
  • For your convenience, it is given here 'VoIP Reseller Cheap International Call Rate' Then create a rate sheet for your customers where you choose your margin/profit.
  • Your rate for Argentina mobile is 0.16 USD ( you get this rate from us)
  • You decide to get 20% margin/profit from your customer.
  • After merging profit,Ur client rate for Argentina mobile will be 0.16 + 20% = 0.192 USD
  • For a 5 minutes call, you'll be charged by us 0.80 USD(0.16*5), your customer will be charged by you 0.96 USD. So the difference between our charge to U & Ur charge to your customer will 0.96-0.80=0.16USD which is your profit for 5 minutes call to Argentina.
  • Your total profit would be increased depends on your total customers call volume.
  • U are free to choose Ur own rates for your customers, so you can set the margins for each destination.
  • Can create different rate sheet for different client.
  • Can select fixed margin (ex. 10% on all destinations)
  • Can choose minimum profit per minute to earn.
  • Your customers can also be reseller & create their own customers accounts (it is called PIN customer. You will earn your profit margin on these calls too)

VoIP Reseller Mobile Dialer Cheap International Call BD FlexiLoad Bkash DBBL Bulk SMS


Worldwide mobile dialer VoIP Reseller cheap international call offer for personal use or business purpose along with the services of Bangladesh Flexiload, India Mobile Balance Recharge, bkash, DBBL, Bulk SMS, India Data Card-DTH Recharge-billing & Flexiload soft.
Cheap international call rate of some countries according to current mobile dialer reseller VoIP Biz
(last updated on 7th Oct, 2013. Please visit www.voipfreedomidd.com for the latest update)
  • Bangladesh IGW(00880)([email protected]/min)=1623 min
  • Bangladesh Gray(01)([email protected]/min)=1623 min
  • India([email protected]/min)=2404 min
  • Pakistan Gray(0092)([email protected]/min)=1073 min
  • China(86)([email protected]/min)=3424 min
  • Egypt Mobile Gray([email protected]/min)=1572 min
  • All the above destinations call cost are only for BDT 2000$25AED92SAR94
Other services/Products
  • Bkash Mobile Money Transfer (For Bangladesh)
  • DBBL Mobile Banking Money Transfer(For Bangladesh)
  • Data Card-DTH Recharge-Billing services( For India)
  • Flexi/Mobile Balance Recharge( (For Bangladesh & India)
  • Bulk SMS (For Bangladesh, India & other some countries)
  • -::-For details-::-
  • Website: www.voipfreedomidd.com

Technologies Om Weebly Gta 5

Welcome to OMP Technologies, Inc.

OMP has achieved a leading edge in manufacturing complex components and assembliesfor the following industries:

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Our company has been serving these industries for the past two decades with highly sophisticated and quality machined components.

We have remained at the forefront of technology by coupling highly trained and experienced personnel with state-of-the-art facilities in our engineering / design, manufacturing, andquality control departments.

OMP has been certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a small disadvantaged business and an 8(a) company.

Explore our site further to discover how we can serve you needs. Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive additional information.

(F22 aircraft image source: Air Force LInk)

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We help organizations digitally transform in four key areas: engaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and transforming products. Vaishnavi offers her voice as a healing connection with the Divine – and those who listen are transported into a deep stillness. She feels blessed to have had no formal voice training, although she has spent time un-learning with Rajeswar Bhattacharya—the foremost singer of Tagore raga—and deepening into her most authentic sound through The Naked Voice with Chloe Goodchild.

Om Technologies Ltd

O-net was established in October 2000. It is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program and a national enterprise technology center. The company was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Main Board in April 2010 with stock code 877. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a number of branches in China, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the United States. Cleveland, OH 44105 Phone: 216.271.4800 Service Hotline: 216.271.5800 24x7 IT Support: (216).249.6221 Toll Free: 877-774-1722. What does OM stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 87 meanings. Showing only Information Technology definitions. Link/Page Citation Category Filters; All definitions (87) Information Technology (18) Military & Government (15) Science & Medicine (23) Organizations, Schools, etc.

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