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  1. P40dc Locomotives
  2. P42
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  • Notes: These GENESIS Series I Locomotives were previously known as the Dash 8-40BP locomotive and originally known as the AMD-103 or Amtrak Monocoque Diesel-103MPH.
    1. The passenger locomotives derivatives of the General Motors EMD GP40 diesel-electric road switcher locomotive have been, and continue to be, used by multiple passenger railroads in North America. For passenger service, the locomotives required extra components for providing steam or head-end power (HEP) for heating, lighting and electricity in passenger cars.
    2. Quantity Built: P40DC (44) / P42DC (228) Dates: 1993 to 2001-Exterior Dimensions: P40DC / P42DC; Total Length: 69'-00' Minimum Curve: 251 feet (22.8 degrees) Wheel Diameter: 40' Height: 14'-04' Wheelbase: 43'-02.5' Width: 10'-00'-Fuel Oil: 2200; Lubricating Oil: 410 Engine Cooling Water: 380; Sand Capacity: 26 cubic feet-Reference Sources.
    Amtrak818Passing the Kensington MARC Station in Kensington, MD.

    Capitol Limited Service

    Trevor Logan, Jr. Photo.


    P40dc Locomotives

    In the desert of Presidio County, Texas.

    Sunset Limited Line

    John B. Simpson Photo.

    Sale838P42dcStamford Station in Stamford, CT.

    Not In Service

    Trevor Logan, Jr. Photo.

    840Along the Metro-North Right-of-Way in Ossining, NY.

    MTA Metro-North Railroad Maintenance-of-Way Service

    Trevor Logan, Jr. Photo.


    Approaching Merritt 7 Station in Norwalk, CT.

    MTA Metro-North New Haven-Danbury Branch Service

    Trevor Logan, Jr. Photo. 840

    842Passing Noroton Heights Station in Darien, CT.

    ConnDOT Short Line East Service

    Trevor Logan, Jr. Photo.

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