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The closest airport to Pachuca is Mexico City International Airport (MEX), 50 miles southwest of the center of town. Popular Places to Visit Near Pachuca. Pachuca has a whole lot of things to see and do, but if you're wanting to branch outwards, you're in luck! You have world-famous tourist attractions just a stone's throw from here! 21.52 -104.90 922 927u 109mvxxco30x-9warm crops c 7000 guanajuato,gt 21.02 -1 2244s 37hixxno-9x-9warm field woodsc 1000 rio verde,s.l 21.85 -100.00 990 1038s 17hixxno-9x-9cool desert a 0 0 pachuca,hgo.

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Pachuca is the getaway for those looking for dreamy landscapes, rich culture, nature and comfort. Of note are the Pulque Haciendas, 19th century grand haciendas dedicated to the production of pulque, a traditional drink considered sacred by the Aztecs. It's made from the fermented sap of maguey plants. Pachuca is a city that has many things to do, you can go to pachuquilla to eat. Last edited: 18 June 2007. Things to Do: Things to Do. Pachuca Hidalgo, a wonderful little City at 8000 ft. Lots to do around Pachuca. Last edited: 31 October 2006. Fine & fashion handmade jewelry & luxury made-to-order bespoke footwear. High quality jewelry & accessories you can actually afford to treat yourself to. Ethical, sustainable products made in the USA. Free shipping over $100.

The current city of Pachuca was famous by the name of Pachuca de Solo. As of today, it is the capital city for the state of Hidalgo, but in the past this city was actually the capital of Mexico although it lasted only a few months.

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The land on which today the city of Pachuca is situated has been inhabited by many indigenous groups for many years. The best known tribes amongst them were the Aztecs who controlled the city of Pachuca from 1438 and continued their control over this city till the Spanish arrived. It was this Aztec tribe which actually started agriculture in the city to grow food for themselves. Slowly the agriculture business became an important backbone of the economy of this growing city.

It was the year 1528 when the Spanish Army entered the city of Pachuca and took control. This was the time when the Aztec tribe started to diminish and slowly vanished from the city of Pachuca. After the Spanish attack, the very first Spanish people, that entered the city of Pachuca with the sole purpose of settling down in the region, were Gonzalo Rodríguez and Francisco Téllez. They were responsible for building the first few houses with a modern touch and the architecture they had brought from their country, Spain. During those times this city was named Real de Minas de Pachuca.

Although the city of Pachuca took active participation in the famous Mexican Revolution, it took some time before they could gain complete independence from the clutches of Spanish control. It was the mid of May 1911 when people under Francisco Madero took control of the city and finally the city gained independence under their supervision.

In 1923 the city of Pachuca was officially gifted with its own air mail service that connected this city to Mexico City.

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