Not sure why, but I guess we’ve got a little thing for pirates. We’ve shared a bunch of pirate activities and pirate party ideas in the past, but last week I was driving myself crazy trying to track down the Pirate Ship Jello Boats, and so I decided it’s time for a round-up post with all of my favorite pirate party ideas all in one place. Use these ideas for a pirate birthday party or to host a pirate-themed playdate.

Pirate Party Decor & Invitations

Free Printables Art

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What do ye need to have a terrrrrrific Pirate Birthday Party? How about printable cupcake toppers that double as decorative stickers for party favors or plastic cups. Trim the sails with my printable pirate banner (I also included instructions for how to customize the banner with your wee lad’s name). Shiver me timbers, of course you can’t have a party without a way of spreadin’ the word to the other scurvy dogs. Download all these free printable templates along with all my other Pirate Party goodies in the Ultimate Pirate Party Pack. Just register for the free download using the form at the end of this post.

The Ultimate Pirate Party Pack also includes an free printable Pirate Party invitation to fill in with all the party details. You can also purchase this pirate invitation personalized with your party details. In addition to the freebie Pirate Party decor and invitations, I’ve got a bunch of Pirate crafts and activity ideas for your Pirate Party. Be sure to pin this post so you can find it later! Here’s a peek at everything I’ll be sharing:

How to Make a Newspaper Pirate Hat

Now let’s talk about crafts and activities for your Pirate Party! First up, I’ll show you how to make Pirate Hats from newspaper. Using a full sheet of newspaper, bend the top portion of the paper down, folding the paper in half. Fold in the top corners of the paper making sure to leave a few inches of paper on the bottom. Fold the top layer of the bottom portion up. Turn hat over. Fold the bottom portion of the paper up. Want to have these instructions handy during your party or playdate, my Ultimate Pirate Party Pack includes a free printable of these instructions with diagrams! Fill out the form at the end of the post to download the free kit.

How to Make a Pirate’s Spyglass

Free printables art

Now let’s make that fun striped Pirate’s Spyglass. You’ll need a paper towel tube, scrap of black paper, scissors and a gluestick. First download and print my Striped Spyglass Template (in my Free Pirate Party Kit that you can get by filling out the form below). Trim the directions off the template, leaving just the stripes. Using a glue stick, have your little ones glue the striped paper onto an old paper towel tube. If you have extra length on the tube, cover it with scrap black paper (or simply cut it off).

Party Packs Scrapped

How to Make a Play Pirate’s Hook

Now let’s make our trusty Pirate’s Hook out of a plastic cup and tin foil! To begin, stack three pieces of tin foil. Fold in the edges an inch or two (this takes care of any sharp foil and assists in holding the sheets together). Starting on an edge, roll the tin foil into a snake-like roll; squeeze tightly so it becomes creased and sturdy. Gently bend into a candy cane shape, creating a hook with extra length on the straight portion to form the handle. With the cup upside down, use a craft knife to slit an X-shape. Poke scissors through the slits to stretch the rigid plastic then carefully slide the foil hook handle through. Have your superkids hold the foil handle to create their pirate-hook hand.

Free Printables For Home

DIY Pirate Eye Patches

I think these DIY Pirate Eye Patches were our kids favorite project at the Pirate party. Great news is they are super easy to make using my free printable template, which you can get in the Pirate Party Pack — just fill out the form at the end of this post.

To make these Pirate Eye Patches, you’ll need black elastic and black craft foam. (In a pinch you could also use black construction paper or cardstock, but the craft foam will make a more durable Eye Patch.) Print out the Eye Patch template and place over a piece of black foam. Using a ball point pen, trace over the template pattern and the pressure will leave the shape in the foam (or paper) giving you a cutting guide. Cut along the pressed lines. Slit the top corners, and thread elastic (or string) through the slits. TieSecure patch around your child’s head.

Pirate Party Snacks Ideas

When your little Pirates are ready for a break, treat them to a snack of goldfish and gelatin. These Pirate Jello Boats are sure to make waves! To create the ships sails, print my Pirate Sails Template (in my Free Pirate Party Kit that you can get by filling out the form at the end of this post). Cut out sails then slit the middle of the top and bottom using a craft knife. Thread a toothpick through the slits and stick the pick into an orange slice. Place atop a cup of blue gelatin, if using. The smaller, 5-oz plastic cups are the perfect size for these treats and one regular 3-oz box of Jello fills eight.

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