The WV Stables Member Club is a program that gives ANYONE an introduction to horse racing club membership. With the WV Stables Member Club, there are absolutely NO bills or other payments to be made after the initial one-time payment. When the horse ends its WV Stables racing career or is sold, the bills come out of the. We occasionally have some started horses, boasting many of the TOP TEN AQHA RANCH HORSE BLOODLINES for sale as well as some retired ranch and rope horses, when available. New for 2018 -We are expecting ten foals this Spring and Summer sired by Tee J Iceman, Midnight Exhibition, Bueno Bee Leo and Buckaroo Playboy out of our foundation bred mares. These are the only 2 things that I ask of you when using things that I have created. If I do find my lots re uploaded I will delete all my downloads. Also the person who has broken my rules will no longer be able to buy horses or foals from me and I will shame you publicly on the forums stating that you stole my work.


Dream Maker Racing is committed to all racehorses enjoying a safe, healthy, and fulfilling post-racing retirement. Most of us who race horses get attached to them and don’t think of horses as simply a trade-able commodity. Our horses become part of our family and part of the Dream Maker Racing heritage. Often given cute nicknames, we follow their racing careers and celebrate their accomplishments. Under the direction of Tom Gallo, DMR supports several advocacy and retirement organizations such as ReRun and the Thoroughbred Retirement Fund, who are dedicated to facilitating a safe and dignified retirement for all thoroughbreds no longer being used for racing or breeding purposes. These organizations have raised millions of dollars for and immeasurable awareness about treatment of our industry’s animals in retirement.

Retired Breeding Stock Wrenegade Stables History

Retired Breeding Stockwrenegade StablesRetired Breeding Stockwrenegade Stables

Dream Maker Racing has a proven track record in its mission to carefully place our racehorses after they have retired from the racetrack. Young retired fillies are turned out in green fields until they are sold as broodmare prospects to qualified and responsible buyers. Other fillies and colts find new homes at local riding stables or 4H programs, or are donated to one of the reputable retirement organizations previously mentioned. Our Dream Maker Racing record speaks for itself. Here is a sampling of some of the DMR horses who have been happily retired to new careers or retirement homes:

  • Jet Pass: Retired to a member' farm in Upstate New York where he spends his days eating grass and frolicking with his barn mates.
  • Ms. Readiness: Retired to a members' farm where she became a broodmare

Retired Breeding Stock Wrenegade Stables For Sale

Jan 10, 2021 Thousand Words, a grade 2 winner at 2 and multiple stakes winner at 3, has been retired from racing and will stand stud in 2021 at B. Wayne Hughes' Spendthrift Farm in Lexington.

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