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I’ve been creating tutorials for YouTube for nearly 4 years now, and in that time I’ve used a lot of different screen recording applications. In this day and age, recording your screen and audio can be a lifeline in just about any situation. From creating tutorial videos, reporting bugs and errors to IT, conveying large pieces of information to collaborators, to even recording gameplay.So it’s no surprise that screen recorder apps are a must-have on every computer, including those with Linux operating systems. What is the best software for making video tutorials? Camtasia is the best software for making tutorial videos. You want to have a tool that is simple use, but flexible enough to take on larger projects down the road. Camtasia is a screen recorder with a built-in video editor. TinyTake is the best and simple screen recording software with one click recording feature. It has a user-friendly interface which helps to record the screen or captures the image very quickly. You’re limited to 5 minutes of video recording without watermark. Just select the screen to record with or without a. Creating instructional videos now becomes easier with the all-in-one screen recording, video editing and video exporting ActivePresenter.

How to make tutorial videos

Looking for tutorial video maker software?

With online courses on places like Udemy, Vimeo and even YouTube, the internet is changing how we learn and earn. Today, if you have more knowledge about a field than the average person, then you can quickly make a screencast video teaching people how to do that which you are good at. A video demonstration is easier and drives your point home quicker than pages of books or blogs.
Read this post to the end to learn how to make excellent tutorial videos in the simplest way possible and without spending thousands of dollars on fancy software. Not only that; you can also use a tutorial video to record a message or guide for a new employee or even friends and family.
Video remains the fastest way to demonstrate how to accomplish tasks or use a tool. For example, rather than having someone read through a 10-page manual on how to create an email account, you can simply record yourself creating one. Our recommended program even lets you record your voice, superimpose your facecam recording on a corner of your recording, or even add arrows, boxes or numbers to the video in real-time.

Tips for creating your tutorial video

1. Prepare for the tutorial

To make a tutorial video, you need a computer, microphone and tutorial video maker software. If you have a webcam, you can add your face in the corner of the screen. Whether you’ve been making video tutorials for years or it is your first one, you plan for the content. Keep the script simple and identify your audience and know the best tone for the tutorial.

2. Rehearse the steps

Best Screen Recording App For Tutorials

Screen Recording Software For Tutorials

To make a video tutorial on something, you are better at doing it than the average person. However, your video has to be as direct and straight-to-the-point as possible, so every second counts. Go over the steps you will follow a few times, record yourself doing it, watch the recording, and show it to a second pair of eyes.

3. Record the video

Now the party begins! The application we will use for this guide is Bandicam Screen Recorder!. Bandicam is specialized software built for recording screen displays, sharing them online, and basically everything you need to make a killer video tutorial. Despite its impressive features, Bandicam is easy to use and is the only screen recorder that you can use right away, even if you have never made a tutorial video in your life.


Free Screen Recording Software For Tutorials

Try Bandicam Screen Recorder!

Best Screen Recording Software For Tutorials

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