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What Killier Wedgie Do You Deserve? (Girls Only) 17 Comments. This is a wedgie quiz. You will be decided if you deserve a wedgie for you punishment. Masters Mistresses, Boyfriends! COME TO THIS QUIZ TO PUNISH YOUR WEDGIE SLAVE! Perpare your ass. A fun game to play. Truth is for losers! Congratulations on wasting a turn. You must get a 20 second regular wedgie from the player to the left.

Vote Messages
I'm 16, female, from Wedgie Haven, and decided to try this. I decided i needed to be punished for not doing any wedgies in a long time, for the most part, i quit halfway through or don't even do them at all! So i think i should be punished, don't go easy on me! I plan on giving myself a Regular wedgie, melvin, bra connection, shoulder, messy, hanging, and sqeaky clean. BUT I WOULD LOOOVE MORE IDEAS! dont give me mercy!!! :D I also cannot rip any of my undies, (i dont have many to begin with :c ) and none of them can get atomic. (thats all the info i can think of right now :/ ) PLEASE READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY

What are you? (just curious)

40% (138)Male
56% (189)Female
2% (10)other? O.0

337 voters have answered this question.

How old are you? (just curious c: )

28% (97)10-13
43% (148)14-16
18% (63)18-20
8% (29)21+

337 voters have answered this question.

REGULAR WEDGIE: What kind of undies should i use? (sorry only 2 options...)

53% (181)Normal Panties
46% (156)Thong

337 voters have answered this question.

Self wedgie game unblocked

REGULAR: How high should the wedgie get?

2% (8)My belly button
1% (6)Halfway up my belly
16% (56)To my breasts
8% (29)To my neck/shouders :o
70% (238)As high as i possibly can! :O

337 voters have answered this question.

REGULAR: How hard should i tug?

16% (57)Gently and slowly :) (love-wedgie)
28% (95)Moderately hard and medium speed :o
54% (185)Very Hard and fast :O

337 voters have answered this question.

REGULAR: How long should the wedgie last?

4% (16)Just till I reach the specified height
8% (27)1 min, tugging (at specified strength) every 5 seconds
13% (44)5 mins, tugging (at specified strength) every 10 seconds
31% (105)10 mins, tugging (at specified strength) every 10 seconds
43% (145)Longer? :O (also tugging at specified strength ever 20 seconds)

337 voters have answered this question.

MESSY WEDGIE: What should be in my panties? (please keep in mind with some of these options i plan on using as much of the thing i can) (sorry, not using thongs for messy)

26% (90)Uncracked egg(s)- how many?
27% (92)Lotion/shampoo/conditioner
35% (121)Toothpaste
29% (100)Peanut butter
37% (127)Whipped cream
44% (150)A mix of all :O
27% (93)Other (pretty please specify :) )

337 voters have answered this question.

MESSY: Should I combine this wedgie with hanging or squeaky clean?

2% (7)Yes: hanging- 1 min
4% (15)Yes: hanging- 5 mins :o
13% (45)Yes: hanging- 10 mins :O
1% (4)Yes: Squeaky clean- 5 pulls each side
2% (10)Yes: Squeaky clean- 10 pulls each side :o
5% (20)Yes: Squeaky clean- 20 pulls each side :O
0% (2)Yes: Both- 5 pull squeaky clean and 1 min hanging
6% (22)Yes: Both- 10 pull squeaky clean and 5 mins hanging :o
55% (187)Yes: Both- 20 pull squeaky clean and 10 mins hanging :O
7% (25)No

337 voters have answered this question.

BRA-CONNECTION WEDGIE: What kind of undies should I use?

33% (114)Thong
66% (223)Regular panties (would probably hurt more :O)

Self Wedgie Game Play

337 voters have answered this question.

BRA-CONNECTION: where should it connect to my bra?

20% (68)Just back :3 (wedgie)
5% (18)Just front (Melvin)
74% (251)Both! :O

337 voters have answered this question.

BRA-CONNECTION: how long should it last?

5% (20)10 mins
4% (14)30 mins
4% (15)1 hour
6% (21)2 hours
5% (18)5 hours :O
73% (249)ALL DAY :O :O

337 voters have answered this question.

BRA-CONNECTION: Should i go anywhere when i do this? (will be hidden under clothes)

53% (181)Yes- school
20% (70)Yes- out with friends
9% (33)Yes- get the mail
15% (53)No, stay home you lazy bum

337 voters have answered this question.

SHOULDER WEDGIE: How long should i keep it in?

13% (45)Whenever I use my laptop for the next week after i take the stats, i will put it in until i get off my laptop(keep in mind it opts me out of the exercises!)
10% (36)10 mins
13% (46)30 mins
62% (210)1 hour :O

337 voters have answered this question.

SHOULDER: Should i exercise in my wedgie? (may pick multiple exercises)

9% (31)No
38% (130)Yes- 5 lunges
54% (185)Yes- stretch my arms up high followed by touching my toes, repeat 10 times
51% (173)Yes-20 sit ups
38% (131)Yes- jog 5 mins
54% (182)Yes- 10 minute bike ride
16% (57)Yes- Other (specify pretty please :3 but make sure its possible!)

337 voters have answered this question.

HANGING WEDGIE: (will be using both thongs and panties for this wedgie) soo how many of each?

83% (282)normal panties
74% (252)thong

337 voters have answered this question.

HANGING: How long should it last?

2% (9)1 min
7% (25)5 mins :o
6% (23)10 mins :O
8% (28)20 mins
74% (252)30 mins

337 voters have answered this question.

HANGING: What should i do in the wedgie?

61% (208)Bounce every 10 seconds
48% (163)Spread my legs for 10 seconds every minute
25% (87)Tie my legs together (cannot spread them then)
43% (145)have on an extra thong (which will be inner most pair) and having it in a shoulder wedgie
38% (131)Having on another pair of panties (will be innermost pair) and having it as a Melvin hanging wedgie
40% (138)make it a messy hanging! add 4 uncracked eggs, 2 in front, 2 in back

337 voters have answered this question.

SQUEAKY CLEAN WEDGIE: What kind of undies should i use?

63% (215)thong
45% (155)panties

337 voters have answered this question.

SQUEAKY CLEAN: how many pulls should the wedgie be? (one pull to the front and one pull to the back counts as one)

8% (28)5 pulls each side
16% (57)10 pulls each side
81% (273)20 pulls each side

337 voters have answered this question.

Any other wedgies I coud try??? I would absolutely love some creative ones, i deserve to be punished and will do almost any wedgie im told(with proof, see the end of this questionaire) :D (CANNOT do atomic, ripping, public(though can be hidden under clothes, pee/poo/blood, family/friends)

No graph available for this question

84 voters have answered this question.

ALL WEDGIES (except for any one that is messy!!!): How long until i can pick the wedgie?

11% (38)Immediatly
15% (52)30 mins
13% (44)1 hour
8% (27)5 hours
52% (176)1 day

337 voters have answered this question.

Self Wedgie Game Videos

ALL WEDGIES: Do you want me to provide picture proof of EVERY wedgie? (NOTE: proof will be posted publicly in the female pics section of Wedgie Haven, I DO NOT EMAIL/KIK pictures)

79% (269)Yes please! :D
20% (68)No, thank you, it will be unnecessary. (but what if i lie!!? D:)

337 voters have answered this question.

Self Wedgie Games

ALL WEDGIES: should i repeat all the wedgies again?

27% (92)yes, immediately (or same day)
20% (70)yes, every other day for a week
17% (58)yes, once a week for 2 months
26% (88)yes, once a month for a year
8% (29)no, you've been punished enough

337 voters have answered this question.

Thank you for answering!! :D sorry if it was lame, some of these i wanted to be thorough, i appreciate your answers/ideas and will do them as soon as possible! ;D

0 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2013-09-05 21:48:29 by Kitten9876

“What are we doing here anyway?” Lindsey asked. “Well, the principle asked us to come to this room at exactly 3:30 and here we are 5 minutes later,” Danielle replied. “I don’t care what he wants, but all I know is that in another 5 minutes I’m leaving,” Alex said. “I just hope that this whole thing is worth it,” Riley stated. “Hey Lindsey,” Alex started. “Yeah,” Lindsey replied. “Remember when I gave you that wedgie last week?” Alex asked. “Of course I do. My ass hurt so bad I didn’t wear thongs for a couple days,” Lindsey replied. Alex laughed. These girls went to Landrey High School. Riley was a senior, Alex was a junior, Danielle was a sophomore, and Lindsey was a freshman. Their ages ranged from 15- 19. All of a sudden the tiny room filled with gas. The girls started coughing and eventually fell to the ground unconscious. A door opened and a man stepped inside and grabbed each girl and took them out the backdoor. Three hours later the girls woke up one by one. Alex first. “What the hell?! Where the devil are we?!” “I have no idea and were we always wearing leggings?” Lindsey asked. Alex looked at her legs, then Lindsey’s, then Riley’s and Danielle’s. All of them were wearing leggings and crop tops. The rest of the girls woke up. “What the hell?!” Riley screamed. “What the hell is going on?” “No one knows,” Lindsey replied. All of a sudden the TV in front of them turned on. “Huh?!” Danielle exclaimed. “Hello girls,” the puppet looking figure on the TV said. “I want to play a game.” “Let us the fuck out of here!” Alex screamed. “He can’t hear us it’s a recording,” Riley replied. The puppet continued. “I’ve been studying you girls each and every one of you. Lindsey, Riley, Danielle, Alex. I’m going to put every one of you through livable torture. There are many other girls in this place being tortured like you all are about to be. Everyone will be released when they have finished the game. There will be tests of loyalty, courage, and willingness to take the pain to save another. The choices are all on you. You will find out how you will be tested soon girls. Let the game begin,” The puppet finished and the room filled with gas again and the girls passed out. Another hour passed. Alex woke up in a room alone. It was cold and pitch black. “What the..?! Where the hell am I?!” A TV turned on and lit up part of the dark room. “Hello Alex,” the puppet started. “I want to play a game. Tied to your blue thong is a cord that cannot be ripped, or cut. There is a lock on the cord. The only way to prevent yourself from getting a monstrous hanging wedgie is to find the key. Don’t get to far away from the center of the room because the cord isn’t long enough. You have 60 seconds. Let the game begin.” “Oh shit!” Alex screamed. “Hello?! Anybody! I need help badly! Fuck!” Alex spun around searching for somewhere to look; she found nothing in front of her. When she turned around she found three boxes of hay. She ran up to the closest one and dumped the hay out and searched around but no luck. She looked at the clock and say 45 seconds remaining. She dumped over the second box and found a key. She grabbed and laughed with joy. She put the key in the lock but it didn’t turn. She threw the key across the room with anger then looked at the clock. 25 seconds left. She yelped and saw the last box even farther away. She ran for it but he blue thong was tugged. She stiffened. The cord wasn’t long. She would have to give herself a wedgie to get the key. So she did. With 15 seconds she ran toward the last box. The thong was stretched even further. It went deep into her ass and pussy. “Fuck!” The thong flossing her ass. She managed to get the box and find the key laying on top of the hay. She grabbed it and screamed. With 5 seconds on the clock she unlocked the cord and her blue thong was released. It snapped. She yelped. She felt a sudden relief when she picked her thong wedgie from her ass. “Thank god,” Alex said. She looked in front of her and saw a door open. She walked in and the door shut behind her. She was another small room with two doors both locked. There was a TV in the corner. After a minute it turned on. “Hello, Alex,” the puppet started again. “Glad you made it out of the self-wedgieinator. I have another level to the game. Beyond this door is your choice to make. Beyond this door are two girls you have never met before and are waiting for your choice. Let the game begin.” The door opened and when Alex walked in the door shut behind her. “Hello?!” a voice called. Alex ran to find the source. She gasped after running down the hall. There were two blind folded girls tied up in different cages. Both hands and feet chained tightly. Another TV turned on. “You have to choose which girl gets a wedgie. They both have cords tied to their thongs. You have 30 seconds to decide.” The TV shut off. “Please don’t let me get a wedgie I hate them!” One girl yelled. “Please NO!” the other screamed. Alex still perplexed about her major wedgie. She couldn’t decide. She panicked. She didn’t want both of them getting a wedgie. She closed her eyes and smashed a random button. Alex waited for a second. The girl in the left cage was then gagged by a sock by a machine. She screamed. The cord suddenly ripped outwards yanking her yellow thong with it. She screamed. The thong stretched to about her height. She started crying. The thong ripped her asshole in two. The machine pulled even further causing her to get an even bigger wedgie. She screamed even louder. The other was then release from her chains. She removed the blind fold and said, “Oh thank you, thank you!” The cage door was released. Alex ran up behind the girl and unlocked the lock on her cord. Her purple thong snapped back into place. “There has to be a way to help her,” Alex yelled. “I don’t think we can. She’ll probably have to wait till it snaps,” the girl replied. “Fuck!” Alex exclaimed. “We should keep moving.” The two girls ran out of the room and into the new door that had opened. “Okay where are we?” the girl said. “I don’t know. But hey hi my name is Alex.” “Hey I’m Amanda.” A large chained door buzzed then opened slowly. It led to a room with a giant window leading to a pitch black room. The chain door all of a sudden shut and the two girls were locked in there with only chairs and a TV. The TV turned on and the puppet started speaking. “Hello. Welcome to another game. On the other side of this window is a girl. All I want you to do for this game is sit and watch.” The TV turned off and the lights suddenly turned on. “Oh god this is how I was when I woke up!” Alex exclaimed. The girl slowly woke up. The cord that was around Alex’s blue thong was around the girl’s white g-string. The TV in the girl’s room turned on and she woke up and she was freaking out. The window was sound proof so we couldn’t hear her. The TV turned off and she started freaking. She finally ran to the locked. The cord is too short Alex remembered and the girl’s g-string shot right up her ass and she screamed but it was silent. The clock said 20 seconds. She freaked out and ran to the boxes and searched the first and second one but the clock said 5 seconds. She flipped and sprinted for the other box. The buzzer rang and the cord was snapped and yanked back and so was the girl’s g-string. Resulting in the biggest wedgie ever. The girl screamed quietly. The girl was hanging by her now stretched g-string piercing her ass. She was screaming and yelping but again silent. She was holding her pussy. The girls could tell it hurt like a bitch. The girls were mortified. The girl tried grabbing her g-string and removing the wedgie but the cord bounced her and gave her an even bigger wedgie. “Oh my god we really need to help her,” Amanda said. “I don’t think there’s anything we can do,” Alex replied. The girl was crying in pain. She starte
d to try and bounce herself to make her g-string rip. She yelped and cried more with every bounce. She eventually after 5 minutes bounced hard to rip her g-string off. She fell to the floor with a loud cry of pain. She lied there for 5 minutes rubbing her ass and pussy and ripped off the rest of the g-string. She wiped away some tears and ran through the open door. “Jesus, glad I got out of that,” Alex said. The chain door opened again and the two girls walked out and into another open door. They entered a dark room. The door closed automatically behind them. Alex asked, “Hello? Anyone there?” The lights suddenly turned on. There was a table with straps and a rag on it. A TV in the corner of the room turned on. “Hello. In the middle of the room you will see a table. You have to choose. One of you must strip down to nothing and bend over the table. The other must spank them as hard as they can until the door opens. In the 30 seconds if no one bends over that table naked then both of you will be gassed and you both will be brought to another situation far worse than this. Good luck. The timer has begun.” The TV turned off and the girls looked at each other. “Uh, do you want to..” Amanda started. “Do it! Strip and bend over the table!” Alex screamed. “No I’ve been through a lot I don’t want to get spanked!” Amanda replied. “Well if we don’t then something worse will happen to the both of us!” Alex yelled. “Then you do it!” Amanda said. “No! Fuck No!” Alex screamed. “Just do it!” Amanda yelled. The girls grabbed each other and tried to force one another onto the table. The timer click down to 0. “Sorry girls. You both lose.” The room began to fill with green gas. “Wait, wait!” Alex screamed before falling to the floor and Amanda falling as well. The girls woke up. Both bending over table naked and gaged. They both tried to scream but they were muffled. A TV in the corner of the room turned on. “Hello girls. In result of that situation back there you both are here in a worse one. You can try to move but you won’t be able to budge one bit. That’s a good thing. You both have the choice. Behind you both are two differently sized dildos. One is much bigger one is much smaller. One of them no matter what is going inside of you.” They both screamed. “One of you will get the smaller one and the other the much bigger one. I will not tell you how long they will be inside you or even which hole they will go in. The two buttons you see in front of one blue one green. One will give you the smaller one, one will give you the bigger one. If one chooses one the other person gets the selection. Goodluck.” One arm of both of the girls was released. Alex immediately smacked the blue button. Amanda didn’t smack anything because her fate was chosen. The TV turned on again. Alex congrats you get the biggest one. Amanda you get the smaller one. Enjoy girls. Alex screamed. A machine was turned on and a giant sized dildo plummeted right into Alex’s ass. Splitting her in half. She screamed. Amanda yelped once the smaller sized dildo was shoved into her asshole. Both dildos moved in and out over and over again moving the girls. Alex was crying as her asshole was destroyed with every thrust. Amanda was moaning. They kept thrusting over and over again for another 5 minutes then they finally stopped. Both dildos left each other girl’s assholes. “Time for the next challenge girls.” The room was filled with gas again. A dark room slowly turned to light. Danielle woke up suddenly lying on the ground in a small room. “What the hell?” Another light in the same room turned on and there was Riley on the other side of the room. They ran at each other and both girls smacked on the glass wall separating them. They both stood there confused. A TV turned on above them. “Hello girls. Now here is a challenge. Each girl has one minute to best the other. You both must try to give themselves the biggest wedgie they can give themselves. If one girl can give themselves the bigger wedgie then the other gets a special losing surprise. Good luck.” Riley said, “Oh, shit!” Danielle reached behind her and yanked her purple thong as high as she could up her back. She yelped. Riley reached into her pants and grabbed her red g-string. She ripped it up her ass. She clenched her lips. She reached her arm over her shoulder and grabbed her g-string then grabbed it with the other hand. She used all of her strength to get it up to her head. Danielle grunted and groaned to get her thong any higher. Riley arched her back and yanked her g-string even higher and onto her head giving herself an atomic wedgie. She let it snap back onto her forehead and yelped. The timer rang and Danielle noticed the Riley had given herself the bigger wedgie. “Sorry Danielle you lose. Danielle released her wedgie and begged. Riley removed the wedgie from her head and picked it out from her ass. Robotic arms came out from the ceiling and grabbed Danielle pinning her to a wall. Another hand pulled her pants down revealing her pale white ass still with a purple thong lodged in her cheeks. The same hand slapped her ass. She yelped while her ass jiggled for a moment. It smacked her again. Riley looked away and closed her eyes. Danielle received a long and hard spanking for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the arms release her and Danielle fell to the ground rubbing her cherry red ass. Alex and Amanda both woke up in another room. A TV in the corner turned on. “Hello again. Now for another challenge. You both have 1 minutes to rip the other’s underwear before the time limit is up or else there will be something worse occurring.” Alex screamed, “Fuck no!” “Good luck” The girls looked at each other. Alex noticed a chair and glass on the wall. They both grabbed the chair and slammed it against the wall. “Wait, stop!” the person said. They slammed the chair against the wall once more. “Punishment will occur!” They slammed it once more and the glass broke revealing the unknown person. “Lindsey!?” Alex screamed. “Hey…” Lindsey said. “You’ve done all that shit to us! For what!?” “For that wedgie you give me a while ago. It hurt. I could wear thongs for a week and my wedgie pics and video was posted all over the internet. People laughed at me and called me the wedgie victim. They even gave me wedgies when I wore my panties. I was tired of it and I was mad at you!” “Well, now it’s payback time for the wedgies and the dildos!” Alex jumped on Lindsey and so did Amanda. At that moment Riley and Danielle came into the same room as Alex and Amanda. “Lindsey!?” Riley yelled. “She’s behind it all help us!” Alex screamed. All of the girls grabbed Lindsey and pinned her to the ground. She was screaming. Alex and Riley grabbed her yellow g-string and gave her a monstrous wedgie. She screamed and clenched her ass cheeks. Amanda and Danielle pulled down her pants and spanked her bubble butt and watched as it jiggled around her wedgied ass. They spanked her till her ass was cherry red and wedgied her till she was split in half. “Please stop!” Lindsey screamed but no one listened. Alex and Riley pulled harder and she screamed louder then her g-string finally ripped. Alex and Riley joined Amanda and Danielle and spanked Lindsey till her ass was purple. “Be ready at school wedgie bitch because this isn’t over!” Alex and the rest of the girls screamed.

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