Höfner history in short
Karl Höfner was born in 1864 in Schönbach, Bohemia, which was then part of Austria.
In 1887, after studying with Anton Schaller, he started his company as a luthier in Schönbach. The high-quality instruments he made were in demand throughout Europe, as a result of which the company quickly grew.
In 1919 his two sons, Josef (1892-1994) and Walter (1904-1985), joined the company. In particular, exports expanded rapidly and the Höfner brand achieved a worldwide reputation as a producer of high-quality stringed instruments.
In addition to violins, double basses and cellos, they also started producing guitars in the 1930s. The first models were steel strung with a curved top and bottom.
After World War II, the company first moved to Möhrendorf in Bavaria in 1948. A more suitable location to rebuild the factory was found in nearby Bubenreuth. The foundation stone was laid on 20 October 1949 and the factory was opened at the end of 1950.
The company quickly recaptured the world market and the range of guitars was expanded. Models like President, Committee and of course the Beatle Bass (500/1) made Höfner famous. All models were designed and developed by Walter.
The demand for Höfner guitars increased due to the rise of Rock 'n Roll. The company had to expand considerably and the guitars
became Höfner's most important export product.

Walter and Karl Höfner
In the sixties, in addition to the archtop models, semi-acoustic, solid body and various models of bass guitars were built. Due to lack of space in Bubenreuth and constant inquiries, a second factory was
built in Hagenau.
Due to the increasing competition from American guitar manufacturers, Höfner's market share slumped. As a result, the English distributor Selmer had to close its business.
Gerhilde Höfner (daughter of Walter) ran the company together with her husband Christian Benker in the seventies to nineties.
Partly as competition from Japan and China increased, it became difficult for Höfner to remain independent.
Therefore, on January 1, 1994 Höfner was sold to the British company Boosey & Hawkes.
The bow manufacturer Roderich Paesold (also based in Bubenreuth) was also owned by Boosey & Hawkes. Paesold was merged with Höfner in 1995 and placed in their 'Instrument Division'. But both companies remained independent in terms of production and sales.
In 1997 Höfner moved from Bubenreuth to their second factory in Haguenau. They had more modern production facilities, and a new building was added.
In 2003, 'Instrument Division' was sold to the British investment consortium 'The Music Group' (TMG). At the end of 2004, Höfner (as part of 'Instrument Division') was sold to Klaus Schöller and his wife Ulrike Schrimpff.
Klaus has worked at Höfner since 1989 and now became General Manager and Ulrike Chief Financial Officer.
A branch in Beijing was opened in 2009 which is one hundred percent owned by Höfner. As one of the few companies, the Chinese government granted Höfner an export license.
The instruments produced in Beijing are of equivalent quality to those produced in Germany. The quality level remains high due to the constant exchange of personnel between China and Germany.

I am compiling a post '92' Selmer serial number list - There may be some errors on it, but its still in the process of refinement. Please check my Facebook page for regular additions and updates here ---> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113049361257& ref=nf

List as it stands now:
I am putting together a serial number list of Selmer saxophones manufactured since 1992 which is the year their official list ends - The list is approximate but as contributions are made it becomes more accurate - Thank you.......

Selmer Serial Number Lookup

Super Action 80
<phone> - 327300 – 11,799 pieces made
<phone> - 340200 – 12,899
<phone> - 353300 – 13,099
<phone> - 366400 – 13,099
<phone> - 378800 – 12,399 Selmer list ends


Selmer Trumpet Serial Number Lookup

Model: Start # End # Worcester: 1 (1888) 3,200 (1898) Wonder Improved: unknown (1895) 41,000 (1917) New Invention: 16,000 (1910) 23,000 (1912) New Wonder Series I: 41,000. Selmer Serial Number Lookup covers the following Selmer Saxophone Models: Model 22, Cigar Cutter / Super Sax, Radio Improved, Balance Action, Super Action, Mark VI, Mark VII, Super Action 80, Super Action 80 – Series II. Simply type in your serial number and voila! You will get the model and year. About Conn-Selmer. Frequently Asked Questions Serial Numbers Warranty Information Purchase an Instrument. Dealer Locator; Search.

Super Action 80/Serie II
<phone> - 391,000 – 12,199 pieces made
<phone> - 406,000 – 14,999
<phone> - 422,500 – 16,499
<phone> - 439,600 – 17,099
<phone> - 457,500 – 17,899
<phone> - 473,600 – 16,099
<phone> - 490,000 – 16,399 Selmer list ends

Super Action 80 serie III
<phone> ,000-514,999 - 7,999 pieces made
<phone> , <phone> ,999
<phone> , <phone> ,999
<phone> , <phone> ,999
<phone> , <phone> ,999
2000-2001 - <phone> ,999 - 14,999 Selmer list ends

Selmer Serial Number Lookup Clarinet

2000-2001 - <phone> ,999

Selmer Serial Number Lookup Oboe

<phone> - eBay seller - purchased in <phone> - eBay seller - purchased in <phone> ,***** - SOTW member - DXCamp
<phone> - anon reader - purchased <phone> - SOTW member BrianTheHornman SA80 II alto
<phone> ,317 - anon reader - purchased <phone> ,734 - eBay seller
____ - 573,690 - CraigsList seller - purchased 1998
1999 -
2000 -
<phone> - anon reader - purchased in 2003
<phone> - Ebay seller - Serie III
____ - 612,678 - eBay seller - purchased <phone> - eBay seller - purchased late <phone> - eBay seller
____ - 613,717 - SOTW member - drakesaxprof -
____ - 613,861 - SOTW member - Vitruvius-new/used orig purchase -2004
<phone> - SaxQuest seller - Serie III - purchased 2003
2004 - 656,XXX - SOTW member - bartonsax - Serie II Bari
____ - 658,254 - eBay seller - purchased <phone> - eBay seller - purchased 10/24/04
____ - 660,987 - anon reader - purchased 6/18/04
____ - 661,77x - Ebay seller - new/old stock from 2004
2006 - 696,xxx - SOTW member - REF696
2008 - 718,xxx - anon reader
Any contributions to this list is appreciated - Thank you.......

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