• Sindarin Daddy Father Sworn brother (not blood related) Twins A twin Kinsman (relative that isn't any of the others listed) Sworn sister (not blood related) Husband Wife Heir Daughter Son Baby (Dear) Brother (Dear) Sister Mummy Mother Family, house, kindred Female parent Male parent Sister (more archaic) Brother (more archaic).
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  • A preposition is a word or phrase that shows the relationship of one word to another in a sentence, e.g. The flower on the table, The man with his wife. A conjunction connects words, clauses.
  • Sindarin Lessons. Home Lessons Mutation chart Resources Forum Links & Products Mae g'ovannen. Here are some of Tolkien's linguistic notes about the phrase Mae g'ovannen. As you can see he changed his mind on the derivation of this phrase more than once.

Neo-Sindarin Wordlist

These are fan-coined words. in the Phrasebooks, they are marked with Asterisks.

Sindarin Compass Directions

Learn sindarin elvish

Sindarin Lessons Home Page

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide Names that describe one's temperament. If you would like a custom made name, go to Translation Requests and fill out the questionnaire.

A list of compass directions and a few partial phrases including them.

Sindarin Lessons

Sindarin Family-Words

A list of words for family members, including endearments.

Sindarin Gender-Words

A list of words for people based on their gender.

Sindarin Pronouns

Sindarin Lessons Weebly

Charts of pronouns for quick reference.

Sindarin Sentient Creatures, Tribes, and Nationalities

What characters of different nationalities would call each other.

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