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These stirrups are perfect for any rider, in any discipline. Just as with our Elite collection, these stirrups are deep anodized with a Clear-Coat finish then hand-polished to a mirror finish. Available standard colors are Azure, Crimson, Vivid Black, Violet, Pink, Silver, Gold, Show Chrome (for an additional $20 fee), and custom colors are. Baroque stirrups These Spanish and Portuguese stirrups can be used with English, Spanish or Portuguese saddles and stirrup leathers for a baroque or medieval show look. Prices are per pair. The innovation of photography amazed people at the end of the 19th century. They took photos of everything. The typical conceit of wealthy 19th-century families in the Gilded Age allowed them the luxury of sharing their homes with visitors through photographs. Because the Cupples family took. This way, in the case of rapid variations in the thermal load of the processor, in operation with reduced load or during turn ON or OFF of the system, there is the risk of the coolant in the liquid phase reaching the compressor and damaging it (this phenomenon is known as liquid slug). Stirrups Clothing Company.

The Menstuff group was created in October 2012 as an alternative for the previously successful Make Him Over group. When a small number of designers and bloggers in the men’s fashion community learned that the Make Him Over group was to close we decided to join forces and gather as many of the previous designers and members together to continue on the long tradition of great information and hunts that the Make Him Over group gave us.

It wasn’t long after that Womenstuff and Homestuff were added to the ‘stuff family and, recently, we have welcomed Posestuff and Kidstuff to the mix.

The ‘stuff Groups are intended to be full service groups for designers of all types to provide Second Life members with information on their newest releases and sales, as well as organizing a number of events, hunts and other activities as a way to give back to their customers.

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If you’re interested in Fashion & Design in Second Life then you’ve come to the right place. The ‘stuff Groups are committed to bringing you the latest fashions and designs from some of the best designers in Second Life. Stay up to date with news and reviews of the latest releases by a selection of some of the best bloggers in Second Life, as well as Events from our wide array of talented ‘stuff Groups designers!

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