1. Racing stables dedicated to my amazing friend Molly Snowfield. It includes of three lots, a stable, pasture and individual paddocks for your racehorses. A family stables with 6 stalls, connected to a house with a large living room, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms.
  2. GVA/SLS Summer Eclipse Traits: Fast, playful. Untrained Dam: GVA Alona GoldenSun Daystar Traits: Fast, playful. Untrained Registration: # 1301129 Sugars Legacy Stables Sold to Kzaboyak / Horsewomen OR Free Wind Stables.

Show Name: SLS Chance Of Grey Barn Name: Grey Registration: pending Breed: Part-bred Arabian / Quarab Sex: Stallion Coat: Grey / Sealbrown Sabino Genetics: EE Ata Gg Sbsb Sire: NW's Taking A Chance Dam: SLS MN Skies Breeder: Sugars Legacy Stables Bio.

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Fort Collins, CO 80521

Barn pajama party

Blanketing horses for a snowy day is like suiting up a bunch of 1,200-pound kindergarteners ...
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Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Cayla Stone's lesson group tries a jumping exercise that required lots of transitions and tight turns. Yours truly on Sandy, my older palomino Morgan mare, aka: Poudre River Stable's Chief ...
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Sls Show Setsugars Legacy Stables Raleigh Nc

Now that Thanksgiving is over …

Sls Show Setsugars Legacy Stables Palm Coast

... the turkeys came out of hiding. This crew gobbled cries of grief when I told them another horse had already reserved these accommodations. (Welcome, Persephone!) I think I count ...
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Short but sweet harvest

I ran around the garden this weekend, harvesting whatever I could before today's snow hit. Fun items this year included the green, curly squashes in the middle, Zucchino Rampicante (they ...
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July 4 surprise!

Sugar the Pony was busy last night! Theoretically, she was due in August ...
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Sls Show Setsugars Legacy Stables Palm City

How well do you know your horse breeds and colors?

Sls Show Setsugars Legacy Stables
Breeds: Mane-U’s newest badge! Test your horse breeds and colors knowledge at Mane-U! Can you correctly answer 40 of these 50 questions in 20 minutes or less? This is one ...
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Sls Show Setsugars Legacy Stables Virginia Beach

Mustang with a surprise package

We had figured out that Demeter, the new Mustang mare was expecting. She surprised us all by bringing her new baby, Persephone, into the world about an hour ago! All ...
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RE: Governor’s face mask advisory, DIY face mask against Covid 19

For those who may have missed it in Colorado Governor Jared Polis' news conference moments ago, here is the link to how to make your own face mask: https://assets.website-files.com/5e8687e109a984d9804d137a/5e86c46597d63e941025fe33_Surgical%20Mask%20with%20Pocket%20for%20FilterRev1.pdf If ...
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Beautiful little things

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow (nor coronavirus) will keep the daffodils away. In the barn the other day, Rene Suazo noted that even in turmoil there is always some ...
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Thank you, Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group!

We were so touched last night when we received a 2019 Wildly Committed Award at the 2nd Annual Denim and Diamonds gala. The festivities took place at the Fort Collins ...
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