Im currently awaiting the arrival of my first Tamagotchi, a pink Tamagotchi Ps! I dont speak/read Japanese, but I know there is an english patch available for download. From what I can gather, I need to transfer the download via Infrared to the Tamagotchi. However, Im pretty clueless as to how to. Aug 6, 2015 - Collection of pierces and my pink tama p! See more ideas about tamagotchi p's, tama, virtual pet.

When you select Tamagotchi P's under the connection menu, you will be presentedwith these options:

アイテムこうかん(Exchange items)
Under Play, there will be two options:
あそびにいく(Go out to play; select this if thedevice will be the visitor)
ともだちをよぶ(Call friends; selectthis if the device is the host)
If you're the visitor, you will be directly taken to theconnection standby screen. Align your IR port to the host and wait.
However, if you're the host, you will be presented withanother screen:
ふたりであそぶ(play as partners)
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Select the number of players (including the host) so thatthe device will determine how many P's will connect at the same time.
The next screen will ask which connection game to play:
クッキングゲーム(cooking game)
クリスマスレシピ(Christmas recipe; downloaded)
Note: The number of connection games differ depending on thepiercings/downloaded recipe installed. However, the hide-and-seek and cookinggames are built-in.
After selecting the connection game to play, align the portsof all the visitor P's facing the host's IR port.
On the host Tamagotchi P's, press the B button. The host will begin to'scan' all the P's facing it, depending on the number of playersselected (if you have selected 2 players, only one other P's will beconnected).
The new connection standby/progress screens just display a random charactersaying something depending on the game (e.g. 'what food will you takehome?')

Another interesting note is that under Exchange items, you cannow also send downloaded store items (meals, snacks, mini-games, wallpapers) toyour friends as well.

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