A sequel to Paul Calf's Video Diary, with a similar format.

Funerals and memorial services may continue to be held and must comply with the limits on gatherings. Indoor funerals, memorial services, wedding ceremonies, and religious and political activities protected under the First Amendment must be limited to 150 people or 25% of a room's capacity - whichever number is lower. In the past nine years, I’ve helped to plan two funerals (my parents’) and one wedding (my own). It’s been said that funerals and weddings both bring out the best and the worst in people, but I’ve just seen the best in terms of behavior and generosity. Because cutting off some dead ends would instantly cure her of a relationship that had crashed and burned over two years ago.' After breaking up, Rey and Ben continue to cross paths over the course of three years, at two funerals and one wedding. The 2019 version of Four Weddings and a Funeral checks both of those boxes, setting up a narrative in which a black woman and a brown man are at the forefront of their love story and not at the. Two funerals and a wedding? The ups and downs of regionalism in East Asia and Asia-Pacific after the Asian crisis. The Pacific Review: Vol.

'Hello, my name is Paul Calf. Next Saturday, my sister Pauline is marrying a Greek bloke called Spiros. And I've got to get her a wedding present. Now, I was going to get her a complete silver service dinner set, but my supplier no longer works at the Crown Thistle Hotel. He's currently resident at Risely Remand centre where the cutlery is plastic for obvious reasons...'

Although named after the then recent rom-com hit Four Weddings and A Funeral - and sporting a guest appearance from John Hannah, to boot - it would be wrong to describe Three Fights... as merely a spoof.

Instead, it's an inventive and very funny tale of passion, unrequited love, crime and - well - fighting in pubs.

Steve Coogan excels, as ever, as Paul - one-part philosopher to two-parts psychopath, and all-round drunken wastrel, liable to come out with such pearls as, 'Inside every bag o'shite there's a spark of gold'

Two funerals and a wedding movieTwo Funerals And A Wedding

However, also playing Pauline, Coogan arguably tops himself with a frighteningly plausible study of a brassy, man-eater ('I've had him!' is her regular refrain) which stays this side of pantomime dame.

Banging on about Patrick Swayze, constantly giggling, and tossing out her own bawdy bon mots such as, 'Remember if you like it, do it, if you don't like it, do it - you might like it!', Pauline's a fantastic character.


Supporting Coogan are John Thomson as Paul's hapless mate Fat Bob, Patrick Marber as shifty Greek Spiros and Sandra Gough as Mum.

The siblings would return in 2003, celebrating the launch of BBC Three with Paul and Pauline Calf's Cheese and Ham Sandwich.

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Patrick Marber
Steve Coogan
Paul and Pauline Calf
John Thomson
Fat Bob
Sandra Gough
Sally Rogers
John Hannah
Jennifer Hennesey
Other Pauline
Gary Olsen
Jason Yates
Henry Normal
Malcolm Raeburn
Sgt Lynch
James Greene

Three Weddings And A Funeral


Two Funerals And A Wedding Movie

Patrick Marber
Steve Coogan
Henry Normal
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Geoff Posner
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