Unzip all the mods you want, you NEED modsloadermp 4. Open the modloadermp zip and zopy the 2 folders into the craftbukkit.jar 5. Open up the mod you want and copy all the files located in the jar folder into the craftbukkit.jat net/minecraft/server 6. Copy the 2 property files into the main folder were the craftbukkit.jar is located. Segadordelinks 2 0 How To Make Custom BGM Mods for Tekken 7 Guide DombiliMaymun 12 3 Moveset Assignment Utility V4.10 for Tekken7 immersion456 17 30 T7 Ninja Tool Dragon-Paul 30 39 USF4 Music Mod Tool BEARIliyan 0 0 Automatic Costume Slot Conversion Script - SFV bbbSFXT 24 36 DoA5: Printable Reference Card for LGMODS tutorial immersion456 12.

Hi, I'm LatvianModder, and I make ​Minecraft mods, website backends, servers and other things! (You can probably tell how bad I am at frontends)

You probably remember me from such Minecraft mods as FTB Utilities, FTB Quests, KubeJS or ProjectEX

Mtv2 Video Mods

Mod video file converter

I used to made this app, CurseGraph, that lets you monitor your Curse project downloads. (Very outdated and broken now)

I sometimes make random LWJGL games for fun, but I never publish them

I am an Arduino fan too, and here are some of my creations on ​YouTube

All my code is open source and is available @GitHub, because I want other people to have opportunity to look at my code, learn from it any maybe inspire them to make their own mods and games!

Videosaot ModsMods

Pro Mod Videos

I listen to a lot of random music, my Spotify playlists here

Mod Files Video

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