The Mercer County Equestrian Center is a nice place to let your daughter (or son) pet a friendly horse's nose. In the hot days of summer they are in their stalls all day and turned out in the pasture at night, so they will be happy to have visitors.



A total of over 12 miles of trails, mostly constructed of stone base and fine stone top layer, which assure level and dry surfaces even in wet weather.

Mountain Meadows Equestrian Center. We will be offering our Wednesday Day camps starting on March 18th while the children are out of school. Fresh air and exercise are 2 important factors to keep this virus at bay. No horse experience is necessary for the camp. Riders are grouped according to their ability. Official website for the latest Paralympic news, videos, events and results. Follow the Paralympic Games and competitions for all Paralympic and IPC sports. Kotonaru Sims Horses Amira Arabians North Gate Warmbloods Echo Valley Arabians Atkinson Equestrian Estate Diomand Acres Pine Hallow Stables Terre D'Ange Green Apple Stables Atlantic Classic.



Using all sections of the park, one can easily do a long walk of several hours, or one can take an easy 15-30 minute stroll.


Sign posts are positioned at most trail intersections, indicating points of interest to be found in each direction. Main trails have names, and these are included on the sign posts. Trails have colors, but there are no markings indicating those colors along the trails except at intersections, so the color distinctions are not easy to use.

Trail Usage:

Walking, bicycling, cross-country skiing. Dogs are permitted, but must be on leash to avoid disrupting or endangering ground-nesting birdlife.


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Minor variations in elevation, and slopes where found are gentle.


Terrain is quite flat and easy walking.


There are many places to park, giving ready access to all sections of Mercer Meadows Park.

  1. Curlis Lake Section: Ample parking at the Mercer County Equestrian Center, entered on the south side of Federal City Road, about .75 mile east of its intersection with Pennington-Rocky Hill Road (East Delaware Avenue) on the eastern edge of Pennington. Informal parking for a few cars is also possible on the shoulder of South Main Street in Pennington at the entrance to the Curlis Trail just south of Baldwin Street.
  2. Rosedale Park District: Large parking lots are available, one right at the entrance off Federal City Road, another 100 yards in on the left, and several more near the picnic areas overlooking Rosedale Lake. There is also a parking lot on the north side of Blackwell Road midway between Federal City and Cold Soil Roads, and still another at the Hunt House, entered from Blackwell Road near its intersection with Cold Soil Road. These last two parking lots also give ready access to the Farm History and Pole Farm Districts.
  3. Farm History District: Parking is available at the site of the historic Reed-Bryan Farm, entered off Federal City Road about .5 mile north of Pennington-Lawrenceville Road.
  4. Pole Farm District: An ample parking lot is found beside the red barn at the intersection of Keefe Road and Cold Soil Road. Another is located on Keefe Road just east of Pennington-Lawrenceville Road.


Mercer Meadows offers a “long walk” opportunity for the ambitious. One can walk from downtown Pennington to downtown Lawrenceville, entering Mercer Meadows on South Main Street, crossing the Equestrian District, following a variety of possible routes through the Rosedale Park and Farm History or Pole Farm Districts, and crossing Village Park into Lawrenceville, following the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail route. Total distance would be about 7.5 miles from the center of Pennington to Main Street in Lawrenceville.


Picnic tables are available in many locations near parking areas, and at Willow Pond in the Rosedale Park Section. Toilets can be found at most of the main parking areas (see symbols on map).


Specific guidance to particular parking areas can be gleaned from the map, but general guidance for getting “onto the map” are as follows:

From I-95, take Exit 5 onto Federal City Road north, to Pennington-Lawrenceville Road. Going straight ahead, on Keefe Road, takes you to the two parking areas for the Pole Farm District. Going left on Pennington-Lawrenceville Road, towards Pennington, and then right on the continuation segment of Federal City Road, takes you to the entrances for the Historic Farm District and towards the Rosedale Park District.

From Princeton, take Rosedale Road out of town to its end, turn left on Carter Road, right at the light onto Cold Soil Road, and then left on Blackwell Road for access to parking for the Rosedale Park and Pole Farm Districts.

Scouting a location for a photo or video shoot? Our greenbelt location is a beautiful setting for a rustic feel or an elegant equestrian look, and the property looks stunning in every season.

Outdoor space - Our 55+ acres of oak ridges moraine is a gorgeous backdrop. We have a variety of terrain: sprawling, rolling fields, fenced grassy paddocks, trees and forest, garden spaces and a pond.

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Indoor space - Our newly stable facilities are modern and beautiful from top to bottom. And of course, we can arrange for a horse or horses to be included in your shoot. We will wash, groom and prep our 'equine model' and have a handler onsite for the entire session.

New World Equestrian Center

Wedding Photos, Engagement Photos, Special Occasions…we have a location for that !

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